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As the title suggests, the best electric stove heaters are listed below. An electric stove heater or a fireplace is the contemporary version of space heaters that are used in zero and sub-zero temperatures to be able to control the temperature of a room and add a bit of visual flair. You must have seen the old classical cribs that house the best traditional fireplace in the living rooms preferably. Well, the era of the old mantles is coming to an end. With replacing traditional fireplaces in most American homes, the electrical fireplace has seen a surge in consumer demand. Everyone in the modern world is now going for the latest in home heating systems.

One fact that can be rooted in this dynamic world is that climate change is real, we can see rapid and unanticipated changes in the weather not only around the country but across the world. If you take the example of Texas, it is one of the hottest states in our country, yet a snowstorm was witnessed in that state. We all live in a continent that is changing or unanticipated change. Last year Chicago set a record for touching all-time low temperatures. We all know how cold northern states can get in the frosty windy season.

Electric Stove Heater

Winter Is Coming

The winter is coming, we are all so indulged in the TV series that we forget that the winter IS indeed coming don’t worry, you don’t have to guard the wall amid cold temperatures, but what you do need is an electric Stove heater, Correction. You need the best electric stove heater for you and your family. What are the things that are necessary to be installed in our homes to protect ourselves from dangerous frostbite? You do have a good supply of warm clothes but do you have a fireplace? If not, this is the right place for you to get access to the list of the best electric stove heaters the market has to offer. We have enlisted several electric fireplaces that are suitable for use.

Traditional fireplaces vs electric fireplaces

The reason that many people are still inclined towards having an essentially traditional fireplace is that they provide authenticity; the sound and the smell of the wood burning are majestic to some. Whereas the new stylized electric stove burners do not use combustible products like real wood. They have an LED display that is implanted with screens that make it look like a real wood-burning fire. Many of the best electric fire heaters can truly affect how your view your home and make you feel more cozy.

Traditional fireplaces have phased out of the market as it seems to us that the popular days as well as the functionalities have grown old and disappeared. These electric stove fireplaces are a thing of the present. You have myriad choices ahead of you, you can go for the one that suits your style and your home décor.

Installing a fireplace

Coming to the installation time and efforts that both of these items take are significantly different until and unless your house is designed in a way that has a designated spot for a fireplace, it is going to be very difficult for you to install and make a special fireplace for your house.

On the other hand, installing an electric fireplace in your domicile is just child’s play. There is not much of the installation as there is unboxing and inserting it into the outlets. You don’t need to make any sort of renovations in your house to keep your new electric stove heater.

Another advantage that the electric stove has is that it is very sophisticated. Electric heaters are constructed with a design that gives you exact control over the volume of heat flowing into a room or space. Contrary to this, traditional fireplaces do not possess any such instrument that can modulate the heat following your preference.


There are special controls placed on a grid to give optimized control over the fireplace with knobs and buttons assigned to lower or higher the temperature of the fireplace. The new models even possess new technologically smart features like smart timers, preheat settings, the controls are sophisticated enough for anyone to understand and set up the heater according to their likes.


There is a distinct advantage to the electric fireplace that you might not consider or have already made up your mind by reducing their value, inside your mind. Unlike the extremely cumbersome way that people previously used to heat your domicile, there is no loss of energy when it comes to the heat you experience. There is no smoke so there is no loss of warmth. The current that they require on a day-to-day basis is much lower than the power used by a traditional fireplace.

Electric stove heaters are a prime example of an appliance that is both a need and a want as it comes with its visual flair and you will need it to sustain yourself during those cold winter months. It is a proven fact that if you find some of the best electric heaters, you will have installed some real power savers in the house. With the systematic transfer of the heat in the room, there is very minimal loss of energy. If your electric fireplace can’t be regulated, then all you are doing is throwing your money away on a device that has lost its function and its charms to days that are lost in the past.

Are electric fireplaces good for your health?

They do not emit any poisonous or harmful gases that can be proved fatal to people with breathing problems, making zero carbon footprint.

The expenses involved in running an electric fireplace are close to none. Just open up the box, assemble the fireplace (at the risk of being bored)  from the various pieces that are available to you, and insert them in the standard 120V circuit outlets. The only maintenance that you are required to do is to ensure the quality of the stove burner and the bulb replacements that come along with the box. No gas, no wood just an outlet, and a functioning electric fireplace.

How does an electric stove heater work?

These modern heaters are quite handy and save up a lot of space. They perform as well as they can. A standard electrical heater contains a coil that warms up the air present in the room already. The function is similar to induction. Various models are inbuilt with infrared technology making them more efficient when it comes to “taking the chill off”. Electric stove heaters come in two different models; free-standing electric fireplaces and mantel packages.

Freestanding: These models are usually smaller and take up very little space. However, compactness is compensated for by their inability to provide warmth to a large room.

Mantel models: similar to what the traditional fireplaces are, they are affixed into a designated place probably in the living room. The house either needs to be designed leaving a space for the fireplace or make necessary renovations. Mantel models can warm up a room as big as 400 sq ft.

How does an electric stove heater work?

Buying the best electric stove heater

Buying an electric appliance is puzzling, the only reliable source for people to believe in is the experience of other people. The experience of the people who already have used a particular product works as a guideline for the people who wish to buy that product.

Now, heaters have a special place in people’s hearts especially those living in the northern states. When choosing which electric heater is the best for you. You might be confused to the point where the confusion turns into frustration. To not let you “freeze a sweat”  our team of dedicated researchers has extensively researched various e-commerce websites and also consumer reports to determine which heaters are superior in quality and efficiency and which ones are mainstream to the likes of the people. Some yardsticks are used to judge and narrow down the wide ranges of the heaters.


The capacity of the heater to emit enough heat to warm an entire room. Mainly concerning the BTU of each model needs to be known. The typical BTU rating of functional heaters is around 4000 – 5000 BTU. Also includes the range/proximity of the heating capability of the heaters.


The price factor is common to all the product lines known to us, and why won’t it be? The determining factor has to be given prime importance. Most of the electric heaters are not too extravagant. They fall in the same 50 – 225$ range


Judging based on the number of features that a company can pack inside a model. Features are what make a product distinct from its competitors. Auto timers for you to maintain the temperature of the room.

Let’s add to the wisdom by looking at the best electric heaters:



There’s nothing like the warmth in a freezing house during the cold winter nights. The thing that you should be looking for is not only good blankets but also a good electric stove heater. Duraflame brings you the DFI5010 with a powerful heating coil equipped with a beautifully attractive body. The heating range of this maniac is 1000 sq ft . so if you place this in your living room, there’s a pretty good chance that you will feel the warmth in the nearest bedroom. “With great power comes a great attractive aesthetic” The heaters add up to the admirable room aesthetics. The 3D display on the LED of the heater is to give you a sense of authenticity. The body is small enough for your room space.

The installation process is also hassle-free, you just have to fix the attachable legs to the foot of the heater and connect the plug to a 120V power outlet. There you have it, a ravishing heater that functions well.

Keep your DuraFlame flamin….

The heater emits infrared heat to instantly warm up the place. We have heard of complaints about the surface top not being cool enough to be able to act as a showcase for people. Considering safety, children should be kept away and refrained from coming in contact with the heater, as it may expose them to severe burns. Another risk is overheating of the plug, the transfer of the heat can put the plug type at risk while melting it is pretty run-of-the-mill for heaters and geysers.

To mitigate this risk Duraflame has installed a circuit-breaking plug called the “safer plug”, this plug, when it comes in contact with additional or excessive heat shuts and cuts off the power from the source to the mainframe system. The controls are easily understandable involving pictured icons to make it more clear and increase its usability. With a slightly raised price for the heater, Duraflame guarantees that it is meant for the long haul.

Dimension : 13.07 x 24 x 23.4 inches
(L x W x H)
Price: 229.99$ from
Weight: 28.6 lbs
Heating zone: 1000 sq ft

R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace Infrared Stove Heater

R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace Infrared Stove Heater

R.W. Flame rolled out this amazing stove heater for the daily use of every family. This heater can warm, the maximum proximity that this heater can heat to is 400 sq ft. Subsequently, it can be managed, and the proximity can be modulated with the 2 range heat settings namely,1500 W and 1000 W. You will have complete control over the brightness of the charismatic fire burning display, the dimmer switch on the back offers absolute control over almost every setting on it.

Coming to the safety measures, it has been designed to keep a check for overheating, if any, if detected it automatically shuts down, restraining itself from giving you an uncomfortable night. The stunning design made out of steel encases the entirety of the magnificent heater. Its compact body makes it easily portable with only the size of 22.6 inches, its freestanding nature and compactness make it much easier to port.

Dimension : 23.6″LX 22.6″H
(L x W x H)
Price: 129.99$ from amazon
Weight:17.6 lbs
Heating zone: 1000 sq ft

TURBRO Suburbs TS20

TURBRO Suburbs TS20

There’s a reason why every popular reviewer has mentioned this name on their “best electric fireplaces” list. Out of all the prominent reasons, one of them is the sleek and luxurious design of the entire heater. With a powerful output of 4777 BTU, there would be no need for those extra blankets you have been saving up for the frosty winter.

The heating coverage on this thing is 1000 sq ft. Which is a lot, but the balance is maintained by the “shiny” price tag on the fireplace. Talking about the control settings, the adjustable thermostat lets you decide the suitable temperature for the room. The remote avails several control settings, one of them being, to control the temperature and artificial fire’s brightness. The unit weight is only 7 kg, which makes it easy to set up and/or transfer in various rooms. The antique looks complement the elegance of the fireplace.

Turbro in-depth

The noise from the heater is almost non-existent, making it a perfect companion for your room.  It comes with all the necessary accessories that you will need to hook it up with a power cord, it is a freestanding range, so you can fit it anywhere in your house you just need to have access to the standard power outlet (120 v). The box also contains a 6 ft cord, so that you don’t have to set it up in a compromising or dangerous position because of lack of outlets. The elongated length of the plugin cord ensures enough extension to connect it with an outlet present in a different room.

Dimension : 17 x 10 x 20 inches
(L x W x H)
Price: 119.99$ from
Weight: 15.5 lbs
Heating zone: 1000 sq ft

PUPZO Electric Fireplace Stove Heater

PUPZO Electric Fireplace Stove Heater

PUPZO started to have its items listed on various sites. The company has partnered with Amazon to list its best electric stove heater and sell them. This move made them realize the potential of these sites in skyrocketing their revenue. They have built trust in the minds of several hundreds of their customers by provisioning promising products, one such product is the electric stove fireplace. Though the price of this particular heater might seem extravagant to people, it offers equally amazing features. Starting from the sturdy parts(legs) that require minimal use of your frontal cortex to fix it into the lower body of the heater. It operates at a power capacity of 5100 BTUs generating enough power to heat large rooms.

Savings with Pupzo

These heaters unreservedly take the chill off of your rooms, within a shorter period that is. There is a dedicated system for protecting the system from turning the plug into melted matter(overheating). The system alerts and shuts off the power, ultimately switching off the heaters. However, the steel sturdy body of the heater is not untouchable, meaning that it does not turn very hot.

Now, coming to the aesthetics of the encased heater, it is beautifully packaged inside a steel body yet gives off a panoramic view for people “outside the box”. There is a remote timer that gives the remote control so that you don’t have to hover near the heater, every time you need to change the temperature. This comes down to the portability factor, according to several users’ feedback, it is concrete that this product is easily transferable between rooms. It also hosts a quiet fan that doesn’t disturb the sleep of your family.

Dimension : 20″(W) x 13.6″(L) x 25.6″(H)
(L x W x H)
Price: 87.93 $ from
Weight: 15.5 lbs
Heating zone: 1000 sq ft

Comfort Zone CZFP1 Portable Fireplace Heater

Comfort Zone CZFP1 Portable Fireplace Heater

Probably the cheapest and the most inexpensive product that we have put on this list, the cheapness does not entitle the inferiority of the heater. It is compact and yet packed with superior features. The appearance of the box is identical to that of a suitcase, comes in 3 different colors making it look extravagant yet super-efficient for the users. Indeed, not to explain how portable this little guy is, It only weighs 5 pounds and there is a handlebar present on top of the head.

The small size comes with a small heating zone capacity, the build of this small yet powerful device is intended to be used in small-spaced rooms like kitchens and even basements to eradicate the chances of frozen plumbing. It is also suitable for singles or people who live in a small house, or even people who do not want to invest big in the heater industry. There has been no compromising on the detail and aesthetic of the small fireplace.

Mini Heat Thrower

It showcases a 3D  display on the front side, playing an ember-burning effect to keep the visuals pleasing. A powerful fan is embedded in the body of the stove heater which is responsible for the formation and proper dispersion of hot waves of wind across the entire room. The butter on the bread is that even after building such a compact heater the safety measures were taken care of, the heater is intended to shut down after encountering an excess or an imbalance in the power supply. If you are looking for a mini heater with all the qualities of a big heater, you can go for this one.

Dimension : 10.75 x 7.88 x 14.13 inches
(L x W x H)
Price: 35.98 $ from
Weight: 5.33 lbs
Heating zone: 175 sq ft

TRUSTECH Electric Fireplace Heater

TRUSTECH Electric Fireplace Heater

Even faster than Thanos snaps his fingers to destroy half of life in the universe, this heater warms up the air in 3 seconds. No, you might think that this isn’t in any way related to the primary villain in the MCU, you would be right. The rest of the time is dedicated towards the fast disposal of that warm air throughout a room as big as 400 sq ft. Such time for warming up is astounding, just flip the device on when you come back to your home, and by the time change and get in that sleeping mode, you will have a perfectly warm room, the reason we say “perfectly” warm is that the device offers you two different heat modes to select from.

The infrared mechanism is the bonus, speeding up the process of heating up. It is quite affordable at the price range of around 90$, and the usability, serviceability, and functionalities make it worth the money invested in it. The quartz frame puts forth the scenic design and augments your alluring space/room. The heater surely is large, yet mobile from picking.

Dimension : 23.5 x 18 x 15
(L x W x H)
Price: 89.99 $ from
Weight: 18.71 lbs
Heating zone: 400 sq ft

Duraflame 550 Electric Fireplace Stove

Duraflame 550 Electric Fireplace Stove

Duraflame has been in the business for almost half a century now, they have nothing to prove when it comes to the quality of their products. The sheer body of the heater displays a 3-D visual for the appealing view of the buyer’s IOS phenomenal. The flame effect can be separately controlled without overlapping with the heat controls.

The remote control is provided with the heater which increases the usability and easiness of the device, with preheat settings and appropriate temperature control. It is not costly to pose a threat to your bank account. It offers efficiently fitted features to quench the need of every particular household in the northern states. Not even a fraction of chills survives within an area of 1000 sq ft. The powerful 5200 BTU engine burring inside the 23 inches long “cold destructor”. It is made for the long haul, this was solidified by the manufacturers when they forged this beast with solid steel and glass.

Scaling up with Duraflame

It is not massive to be taking up space in your living room, the height is perfect for any room. It is very portable, weighing 18 pounds, making it easier for you to transport the appliance easily. Along with being agile, it is also installed with a fire prevention technology(patent pending)  to burn the bridge between the power outlet and the burners to avoid overheating and short circuits. With all these quality characteristics it can make a good heater for your home.

Dimension : 21 x 10.75 x 23 inches
(L x W x H)
Price: 114.99 $ from
Weight: 18 lbs
Heating zone: 1000 sq ft

TURBRO Suburbs TS25

TURBRO Suburbs TS25

The infrared heating technique has gained popularity in the last decade due to its streamlined ability to produce heat and transfer it to the zone in a fuel-efficient way. Every ounce of heat gained is put into proper use, unlike traditional fireplaces or even space heaters where some amount is lost during the process. Turbro has constituted a heater that is well-ordered in every way possible. To assemble a heater that impeccably holds the best features while looking fantastic is very rare. The Suburbs TS25 is one of those models. The design is top-notch, metal mixed with perfectness to build up a good quality heater. The vintage-styled doors provide you the privilege to have a crystal clear view of the control panel and the thermostat. The sleek remote control permits you to set out instructions for the appropriate settings of the heat levels along with other controls.

The Turbro Set-Up

Setting it up is pretty undemanding. It just requires hooking up the feet to the main apparatus and fastening the wire to a standard outlet. The controls intuitively spill out the mechanism of the heater. The visual 3D log-burning effect is displayed through a wide glass window. It can be controlled and modulated between three different variations. This is not the only feature with a variation in the settings, the customizable heat timer lets you decide the temperature you want (finally someone who cares what YOU want). The timer boasts a variation from 30 mins to 6 hours. Taking about the decision-making factor; the price. It is perfectly valued for the attributes it possesses. The unit is freestanding, which widens the location choices of its placement. Keep it in your room, your bedroom, or even your kitchen, if it is freezing.

Dimension : 24 x 14 x 25 inches
(L x W x H)
Price: 192.82 $ from
Weight: 31.7 lbs
Heating zone: 1000 sq ft

So what do you think?

Choosing the best electric stove heater isn’t a very easy task, is it? Bid farewell to the frosty winds that used to make you throw on several ineffective covers of blankets. After bringing home your new electric heater. The guilt of using a gas heater and taking part in the destruction of the environment won’t exist now(JK). It is important for us to not consume products that leave a big carbon footprint. The electric heater has comparably fewer inclusions of the polluting and tainting matters. Electric stove heaters offer some lucrative options to attract more places. They are cost-effective as well as safe and much more powerful than all the other categories of heaters.

For people who do want to make a sensible purchase in the heater bracket, we have included all the possible guidelines and precautionary measures that you need to keep in mind before buying. The important factors and description of each of the products that we think is the most desirable in this market. Each enlisted product is looked into with an effort of trying to cover every aspect of it closely and giving out information elaborately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BTU?

BTU is the unit that calculates the amount of heat that is needed to raise the temperature. So if you intend to find the best electric stove heater, keep this unit of measure in mind.

Do people need to install a dedicated circuit for the heater?

There is no need to install a dedicated circuit for the heater, however, if the current draw from your other appliances is excessive you might need to talk to a professional electrician.

Is infrared harmful?

They are completely safe, it is the UV rays that are harmful to the human body, not the infrared rays.

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