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Whirlpool is a name that we are all familiar with. It is just as popular as its other subsidiary brands like Jenn Air, Maytag, and Bauknecht. Who knew that a mere insurance salesman will be responsible for the existence of one of the Fortune 500 companies? Whirlpool sold products worth 20 billion dollars during the last year. Even during an ongoing pandemic, Whirlpool stood unflinching, they didn’t even sustain a minor financial dent in their economic framework. In this post-pandemic time, there has been a rise in the sales of appliances like electric stoves. In this article, we will talk about the production of Whirlpool electric stove parts and also their spare and replaceable parts. The quality of these genuine parts for electric stoves is guaranteed by Whirlpool.

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Commonly Needed Whirlpool Electric Stove Parts

Whirlpool is renowned for the manufacturing of big appliances like electric stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, and many varieties of others. But what we forget is that they also sell individual parts of appliances like the Whirlpool electric stove parts, ranges, etc. We are going to be focusing on a specific niche among these parts; mainly, the electric range parts. The Whirlpool electric stove parts come in a spectrum of choices. Certain parts of an electric stove are not commonly found, but they are integral to the working of the electric range. The electric stove parts include a bake element,  burners, knobs, drip pans for the top, a broiling element, broiler pans, oven glass, an oven rack, and a terminal block. It is very hard to find these stove parts, Whirlpool electric stove parts are manufactured with ingenuity and commitment.

Important Constituents of Whirlpool Electric Stove Parts

Let’s go through a few elements of the same Whirlpool electric stove parts or, as they are also called, the Whirlpool stove replacement parts.

Bake Element

The baked element is an intrinsic element of the Whirlpool electric stove parts. They provide your food with the warmth required to nurture the true flavors of anything you bake. This bake element is compatible with Whirlpool, KitchenAid Kenmore, and Roper. The whirlpool oven parts are authentic and reliable to work with. This specific one is a close-hinged oven bake element that has a 2600 W power capacity. It is generally first at the bottom of the oven.

Bake Element

Terminal Block

A terminal block is a component of your whirlpool electric stove parts, that links the receptacles into the back of your range. It is more likely than not that you are aware when your range needs a replacement, which usually happens when you face difficulty with the range heating up, or you feel that the wires are not intact within your existing terminal block. This is a genuine part, and it goes with Whirlpool, Maytag, and KitchenAid.

Oven Rack

The oven rack is a fragment of the Whirlpool stove replacement parts. It is quite evident when an oven rack needs replacements. There are some major issues with the griddles of your existing rack or there is a layer of rust on it. Out of several others, these are the most common ones. The griddles can wear out after long and frequent use. You might need to replace it as soon as possible. Usually, there is no need for a professional kit or tool to remove the rack. You just have to glide it and remove it. This new oven rack is made out of chrome and is sturdier than most of them. It has the sign of a silver dime and the strength to bear heavy weights effortlessly. This part works with every kind of oven, ranging from wall-mounted to microwave oven combo.

Temperature Sensor

A sensor for checking the inside temperature of an oven. It acts in checking the temperature of the oven and helps the baking element adapt to the new temperature. It can be a reason for a fire accident. The replacement of this part is recommended to be done by a professional electrician. It is not good to have a piece of faulty equipment installed that’s a potential threat to you and your family. The symptoms to look for when you are trying to analyze the issue with your whirlpool stove or range are inadequate heating, frequent overheating, or your cakes not baking with sufficient.

Temperature Sensor

Light Bulb

A light bulb is one of the most common replacement components in the Whirlpool electric range parts. Due to the heavy usage, the bulbs are subjected to frequent replacements. The replacements can usually be done by a layman. This bulb works on 40 Watts of power and is proven suitable for Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and Jenn air ovens. Because they are fitted inside ovens, they need to have the capacity to bear harsh temperatures. Otherwise, your food won’t taste good with all the pieces of glass in it. The cooking light avoids the uncertainty of how your food is being cooked. Light bulbs give you a clear view of the searing and baking of the dish. While you can use an oven without a light bulb in it, it will only make it harder to know your food is being cooked.

This 40 Watt will perfectly fit your Whirlpool electric range to give you a better view of the whole booking process.

Drip Pans

These are the least appreciated component of the Whirlpool electric range parts. These drip pans usually come in two coatings; porcelain and chrome. To know more about them in detail, you can visit our previous articles about them. This particular model of drip pan is made with a chrome coating on its outer layer and is durable. This drip pan doesn’t always need a replacement, they are sturdy little bastards that collect all the spillage, and keep your stovetop always spotless.

It is the responsibility of the owner of a range to regularly clean every part of it. Otherwise, in a couple of days, you will smell a pungent scent coming out of it. You need to change the drips bowls only if they are damaged or rusty, which happens after a long period of frequent use. These perennial bowls don’t bother you once you replace them. This drip bowl measures up to 6 inches and 8 inches respectively. They come in porcelain as well as chrome overlaid with them.

Drip Pans

Heating Element

Have you ever thought of what makes the miracle happen in an electric stove? It is the coiled burner that will have your dish ready in no time. But what if the element acts up? To substitute the coil in the surface top of the range is not a tough task. You can do it yourself without help from anyone. You simply have to discard the small mounting receptacles that are attached to the end of your already connected burner. In the same way, place this new 8-inch large burner in its place and connect its end receptacle to the inner side of the dedicated space for the coiled burner. You can go for a new element if the element of your range starts to act up or stops working.


The wire is a necessary item on the list. You cannot connect your range to an electric outlet unless it stretches enough to your stove. This wire is 4 ft long, so you have an ample length to connect it to your range. This 4 pronged wire contains 4 receptacles, each of which serves a different purpose. The wire can carry a load of 40- amps, which is sufficient for the functioning of an electric range. You can replace the wire set if you suspect that one of them has melted because of the heavy current load they carry or if there are frequent power fluctuations in your range. It is not very difficult to install a new four-pronged wire, but it is usually advised to have an electrician look after it.

Whirlpool Range/Stove/Oven Control Knob W10766544

The Whirlpool electric stove parts have an oven-controlling knob that does its best to regulate the temperature of the oven and elevates its usability by giving a free hand to supervise the thermal energy of the oven. Malfunctioning knobs build a path for accidental heat settings. The next time you wonder why all dishes come out black as charcoal, you might need to replace your oven knob. A knob is something that is put to use almost all the time. It makes sense as one of them starts acting crazy. To replace a knob, all you have to do is get the new stainless steel to know and pull your existing knob out. Use it by applying a little amount of force and pushing it in.

Whirlpool RangeStoveOven Control Knob W10766544

Whirlpoolka Commercial 36 in. Range Handle Kit Model# W10750110

This handle kit is for the ranges by a whirlpool that has handles on its oven doors. The handles make the oven look appealing. The handle replacement can easily be done by a person who lacks any idea of how things work in the oven world. This works with some specific models, this should be clear by the mention in the name.

History of Whirlpool

The history of one of the world’s leading appliance companies is one with twists and turns found abound. From its commencement, controversies clouded over the manufacturing to the execution (selling) of its products. Their journey embarked when a simplistic salesman decided that he wanted to do something else for a living. That this is not the life that he had envisioned. A guy named Louis Upton came up with an idea that made him partner up with his uncle and start a machine start-up. After miserably failing to rise to the desired fame, Louis decided that he would give it another shot.

He went on to buy the patent for clothes-washing products. With the help of a borrowed amount of 5000 dollars from the executive businessman Lowell Bassford, they began their operations. It seemed that nothing could go wrong, and they were on the right path when they received their first order. The company was in controversy when the first batch failed to deliver the promised results. The federal division of Commonwealth Edison did not take away their order, rather they doubled the size of the order. With a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders, Upton Machine Company had their best time until they lost their only serving customer after 3 years.

They regained a new client(Sears Roebuck and Cop.) their position hiked up as Sears appointed them as their main suppliers.


The Birth of Kenmore

Due to the surge in production, to multiply the prosperity of the company, they merged it with another wringer manufacturing company in the late 1920s. The amalgamation of these brands gave way to the creation of ‘Kenmore.’  Under this name, the Upton machine company used to sell fully automatic washers, which were marketed by Sears. These later came under the company ‘Whirlpool’.

The great depression had no effects on the company, as its growth could not be tracked like that of a weed. During the post-depression era, the demand for electric appliances, such as the Whirlpool electric stove parts, skyrocketed and their business flourished.


Whirlpool diversified and branched out its divisions by increasing the line of electronic products, that they usually dealt with. In 1955 whirlpool acquired a cooking range company called RCA which was used by them to sell Whirlpool range parts, later dropping their name. Whirlpool is in the front line when diversifying it was about diversifying the business. They bought out the not-so-big-players of that time. In no time, whirlpool tore through the barriers to internationally expand their business. They bought majority stakes in Philips N.V., which made their gross income increase to around 6 billion $.  Later in 2006,  Maytag was acquired by the group that owned Whirlpool, which boosted their revenues to the roof.

Fun Facts:

  • In 1960, Whirlpool was given the contract to develop the first ‘space kitchen’ for managing in zero gravity.
  • According to a study by Yale appliance statistics, out of all the units sold by Whirlpool(parts of electric stoves, etc.)in 2018, less than 5 % of them were taken aback by the users for repairs.
  • With over 107 years of experience, Whirlpool has become one of the most reliable brands in history to ever exist. The corporation shelters all the big-shot appliance companies like Jenn Air, KitchenAid, Maytag, Gladiator, etc.
  • Even in this post-pandemic era, Whirlpool has estimated that its profits, which were already 288 million dollars in the fourth quarter, increased to a staggering sum of 497 million dollars.
  • Whirlpool was the first company in the United States to have a consumer support program by launching a number to which the customers could call and resolve the issues they faced with the use of their products.

Customer Support

Whirlpool has always been known for its responsiveness to complaints and the professionalism they maintain. Whether it is about a small tool that went haywire or an entire system shut down of their range, they are known to assist with every problem faced by their customers. If you ever encounter any problem with the Whirlpool electric stove parts, you can contact their service team in a whiff.

The phone number to initiate a conversation with one of the members of the customer support team. You can also opt for a chat with a representative on the webpage of the official website. The list of the mods contacting the official does not end here. If you wish, you can also write a letter to the customer support team through mail. The hours of operation for their customer service executives are:

  • Monday–Tuesday: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST
  • Wednesday–Friday: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST


The rise of this organization from dirt to becoming one of the world’s biggest appliance companies is inspiring. Through thick and thin, they have risen to glory with dedication and hard work. From the initial stage, the management focused their attention on diversifying their product lines. They also emphasized the internationalization of the brand. The ultimate results of this growth were positive and worked well for Whirlpool. Not only did they expand in terms of manufacturing different products, but they were also involved in making replaceable parts for their finished products. To venture an example, the Whirlpool electric stove parts include a wide variety of different models which are genuine and can be worked with for a long period.

We have listed out the articles and the product parts that can be sued with Whirlpool and some of its subsidiary brands. This list mainly consists of the electric stove parts by Whirlpool and the resources to get the best deals on them. Some of these oven parts by Whirlpool are supposed to be installed easily without any help, but others have to be set up by hiring a professional. The intricacies of each part are well-known to electricians. So if you are dealing with an inoperative part of your electric stove, you can just go ahead, look through the article and find a similar resource to substitute it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do these electric stove parts last?

Depending on the usage, they can last for months or even a couple of years before you face the need to change them.

Where are the manufacturing units or whirlpool located?

 There are 9 locations where Whirlpool has a manufacturing unit.

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