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To delve into the history of one of the mightiest electrical appliance companies is going to be very interesting. Tappan has a vast history of buying out renowned companies. Now we know that you are here to look for Tappan electric stove parts and if you would like to read the history of Tappan, you can skip over to the sections near the end.


About Tappan

Products from Tappan and Tappan Electric Stove Parts

So if you are looking for Tappan stove parts, you will find the right parts here. The latest development in the line of products manufactured by Frigidaire is electric stoves by Tappan. Consequently, Frigidaire has widened the line of products from electric ranges by Tappan Electric stove parts.

Of these several products, we are going to talk about electric ranges that Tappan provides, Tappan Electric stove parts. After extensive research, we have found the list of the electric stove parts by Tappan.

  •  Main terminal block kit: It is used to connect the 3 or 4-pronged wires to the main input of the electric stove by Tappan. It is generally hooked on the electric range’s back. To connect the ground, hot wires, and neutral wire to the main input of the ranges. Tappan provides cheap yet efficient parts for the ranges.  To be more precise, it contains three nails and tools to fasten the wires through them. The main terminal block kit is one of the most important tools that need to be chosen with precision. A faulty main terminal setup can put the range in a potentially dangerous situation, and hence the chances of an imbalance of power are common if there is an absence or ill-fitting of the ground wire. You can go ahead to buy a main terminal block kit from this website. Of all the Tappan stove parts, this is the one that is frequently looked for.
  • Bake element: One of the main tools in an electric range oven, the bake element is present at the bottom of the oven. It provides heat to the racks on which your dish usually sits. A faulty oven rack can be the reason for your oven not heating up properly or leaving foods uncooked. To change an oven-bake element, you don’t need to seek professional help. Rather, you can just do it yourself. First things first, cut out the power from the source(circuit breakers). Then, remove the oven racks manually, you will be able to see the bake element below. Just unscrew the element using a screwdriver and unplug both ends. The element usually contains plugs at the end for easy hookup. Moreover, the electric range parts by Tappan are far superior to an average bake element.
  • Oven racks: The oven racks are the platforms where you keep your dishes to broil or bake. A bigger oven or dual oven requires more dishes than a smaller one. Stainless steel is used in the construction of oven racks. Replacing the oven racks is not much of a job as it involves pulling out the rack and buying a new one.
  • Broiler pan: Broiling is often confused with roasting, they both are very different methods of cooking. The main difference lies in the kind of pan used in it. Usually, the broiling pans are shallower than a pan used for roasting. Broiling pans are a little costlier than other pans. This range of tappan electric stove parts offers you a premium quality user experience, along with its meticulous design and capability.
  • Broil element: Unlike the heating element that is present at the bottom of the oven, this element is fitted on the top. It provides direct heat to the designated space of the broiling pan. A faulty broiling element can be the reason behind the food being inadequately heated up. To replace it with a new one, you just have to unscrew the older one and get a new one in place.
  • Outer oven glass door: This glass lets you keep a check on the food being cooked in the oven. The glass doors are usually built to withstand high temperatures but accidents can never be predicted. So, this glass door by Tappan promises durability. Changing or replacing the glass door can be a tough task, there are plenty of careful notes you have to abide by in order to not break your glass. For the best results, please call and hire a professional service or if you wish to take this upon yourself, additionally we have a manual on changing the outer glass doors. Please visit the website to know a step-by-step procedure on how you can change an outer glass door of your range.
  • Thermostat bulb clip: The job of a thermostat bulb clip is to hold the thermostat bulb in its position with a firm grip. It is hazy for us to say if you can change it or not. Moreover, it is better to call an electrician who knows what they are doing.
  • Light lens retainer: This Tappan part, is used in bridging the light lens into the oven space. It is purely made out of metal.

A Brief History of Tappan

Ironically, they were bought out by an MNC(there’s always a bigger shark in the sea). W. J Tappan, who founded the company in 1881 was the only worker and delivery agent of the firm, delivering Tappan electric stoves. Tappan electric stoves were made of cast iron. He used to carry them on the back of his trolley wagon. Not everyone was capable enough to earn a good livelihood back then, so he accepted a combination of money and portions of agricultural yield. Just like any other big-shot entrepreneur, he started out slow and started inching towards marginalizing the business. Unfortunately, an unfortunate fire accident led to the end of the Ohio Valley Company.

Unmoved by the destruction of their factory unit, he moved the business to Mansfield, Ohio. In the sight of very few competitors, his sales and revenue skyrocketed. He renamed his business Eclipse Stove Company. The company was grilling and building customer chains for Tappan and their products like Tappan electric stoves. But something forced him to change the organization’s name to Tappan stove company. The consistency in the market and continuity in providing the best products(Tappan electric stoves) to their consumers have allowed them into the hall of fame for electrical appliances if there is such a thing. The slow but consistent growth was the result of quality, durability, and innovation.  For example, Tappan electric stove parts were at the peak of quality. This was the time when he started delivering Tappan electric stove parts in neighboring states too.

A Brief History of Tappan

Innovation in Tappan Gas and Electric Stove Parts

What innovative ideas did Tappan brew? It was during WW2 when Tappan’s creativity became a priority. He developed a stovetop supported with wheels in order to transport food for the soldiers of a great war. This was not the only time he invented something that helped society. His company made a name by inventing porcelain enamel-coated stovetops. People went berserk over the wonderful designs of porcelain. Tappan stove parts were insulated, making them a buzz of the town.

Tappan retirement

The retirement of Tappan Senior was the end of an era. Tappan’s son took control of his father’s very famous and vast business. Everyone thought that the quality of their products would deteriorate steeply. To everyone’s surprise, the opposite of what was presumed to happen. There was a surge in the demand for their products(Tappan stove parts) and people received their products with the utmost reliability. The business grew larger and Tappan was one of the leading brands in the market at that time. In the 1950s Tappan became the very first company to invent and introduce a refrigerator-sized microwave line. Though the size and dimensions of this large machine were brought down to a very low number in the following year, the company was selling it off like hot pieces of hotcakes.

Tappan was very successful in the mid-1950s so they took over the most voguish stove company of the time; Okeefe and Merritt. The takeover sparked competition in the market. Tappan pulled a smart move by introducing Okeefe in the western markets of the country. The prize rewarded to them was very generous(they were raking in a huge sum). This continued till the late 80s, and they were huge.

Takeover of Tappan

In the year 1994, a movie that would go on to define modern cinema was being brewed. The movie that I am talking about is Shawshank Redemption. All of you are probably familiar with this title, and hence you must be thinking what is the connection between the grandest movie ever and the Tappan stove company? The connection trails back to the time after the manufacturing unit of Tappan was vacated by the owners, and hence it was purchased and used by the moviemakers of Shawshank to be used as a staging area for the extras.

Electrolux, which owned all the renowned electric appliance-making companies like Frigidaire, Wedgewood, etc. bought out the 100-year-old Tappan stove company. Tappan is still under the control of Electrolux, the products manufactured by them are being sold under their own name.

Electrolux was later renamed Frigidaire and Tappan became an addition to the list of subsidiaries owned by Electrolux.

Takeover of Tappan

In The End…

The electric appliance tycoon at one time was bought out by a big conglomerate to end a century of production of good quality ranges and cooktops. Consequently, they were famous for all the other electric appliances that were produced in their manufacturing unit. Through a roller coaster of roughs and ridges, Tappan went all out and gained popularity in time and gave some innovative and revolutionary changes to the electric stove world. Tappan is still functional, it might not be as popular as it was back then, Tappan sells parts of electric ranges that are of preeminent quality. Tappan is supported and marketed by Frigidaire, consequently, the production of tappan electric stove parts is undertaken by Frigidaire, and it is sold in the name of Tappan. We have provided a bunch of links that will directly take you to the pages with Tappan electric stove parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Tappan?

Electrolux owns Tappan, and their stoves are manufactured by Frigidaire.

Why was the company named eclipse stove company?

When an outrageous fire destroyed their previous production unit, W.J Tappna moved the company to Mansfield, Ohio. His father suggested the name after a comet. He went to Siberia to watch a comet.

Do they still manufacture stoves?

Yes, frigidaire manufactures for them.

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