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Kenmore is one of the trusted brands in the United States, they have a good market share in terms of their products. The Kenmore electric stove parts top the list among all the distinct products manufactured by this company.  But first, we must learn about how Kenmore made it to the top, their history that started with a sewing machine and the sudden shift to the wringer machines, the partnership with a top American retail brand, and the production of electric stoves and replaceable stove parts. Furthermore, we will discuss Kenmore’s quality standards and its customer care responsiveness. The ways through which you can get into contact with them regarding any issues that you might be facing using their products.

Electric Stove Parts

Electric Replacement Parts by Kenmore

History of Kenmore

Kenmore embarked on their beautiful and long journey in the year 1913. This was when they started producing a 4-drop needle sewing machine. This went on for the next 6 years.  After a certain period, they were back in the game with a full-fledged washing machine. They made a good profit with those sales. They achieved heights by partnering up with America’s then number 1 retailer; Sears. In the late 1920s America had started to equip households with wiring and Sears had a good eye for opportunity. They went all-in by selling Kenmore’s products from their stores. When the partnership sold more than a million laundry machines, that was the time when they knew that it was going to be a hot show.

Production of Electric Stove Parts

They continued on the path of fame by innovating and creating new products for homes. They did stick to one niche of the product line; cleaning. Every gadget that could be used by an individual to clean their house was manufactured by Kenmore. Their sales were multiplied by the inclusion in Sears stores. The team of Kenmore and Sears was like Batman and Robin (except that no one played a side role), things were turning out to be great for both of them. Kenmore incessantly introduced electric appliances that belonged to different lines of products. After World War II, Kenmore electric stove parts were introduced. They were a great hit among the people, everyone relied on Kenmore for the fine quality they carried.

This dependence was intensified after they diversified even more into making products like ceramic cooktops, dishwashers, and microwaves. They were not far behind in the competition. During the late 1980s, the demand for environment-friendly machines raised quickly, cutting down the supply. To get the demand, Kenmore doubled the number of appliances produced by them. Kenmore’s appliances were being sold like they were cakes. In an attempt to diversify the business, they also started listing their products online. Platforms like Amazon were targeted by Sears.

Production of Electric Stove Parts

Sears and Whirlpool Split

Earlier in 2016, Sears and Whirlpool split up after a century of doing business together. Their breakup meant that whirlpool products wouldn’t be supplied to the Sears retail store. Now, what does have to do anything with Kenmore? It is well known that most of Kenmore’s washing machines and dryers are still manufactured by Whirlpool. They still supply to Sears indirectly.

What Else Does Kenmore Produce?

If we start listing the products manufactured by them, it is going to make one long list. Currently,  Kenmore named 50 products that were their top sellers. Every product that they used to produce is still being manufactured by some of the world’s top electric appliance companies. The washing machines, electric ranges, ovens, dryers, and all the other appliances have been distributed among some mighty conglomerates like Whirlpool, Electrolux, Frigidaire, etc.

Top Electric Stove Parts by Kenmore

If you own an electric stove by Kenmore and you want to elongate its usage, then you might be looking for replaceable parts by Kenmore. You are in luck, all the parts that are inevitably necessary to make the ranges work are listed down below on the list.  Most of the parts of electric stoves from GE and Hotpoint are found to be compatible with Kenmore stoves. They are almost identical in terms of design, and function. The list goes on with the description of various Kenmore electric stove parts. They also have the resources for our readers to purchase any particular product online.

40 Amp Light Bulb

A lightbulb is an important element of the Kenmore electric stove parts. It is used in the oven to brighten the inner cavity of it while being used. The bulb illuminates to clearly show what’s going on with the food. These bulbs require a great withstanding ability to bear extreme temperatures inside the oven.

To implant, the bulb inside the oven it is requires for your safety to check if the range is connected to a power source, if it is, then disconnects the plug and unhinge the bulb. Replace the bulb with this brand-new bulb. To check if it is working properly, turn the oven back on and observe.

40 Amp Light Bulb

Bake Element

A bake element of the Kenmore electric stove parts is the life of an oven. If it does not work, it can be replaced. The bake element is the heat provider for dishes you put inside the oven. The baking element absorbs the heat to glow up in a bright shine. It then radiates the heat waves, which are ultimately distributed by the convection fan. But how would you know if your bake element has gone haywire? This assessment can be made by judging the amount of heat being provided by the element.

If it gets too hot or does not provide adequate heat to the pans and trays, you might need to replace the element. Though the element is not very costly, you will have to pay the electrician to get it fixed, the bake element is present at the bottom of the oven cavity. If you wish to do it yourself, you need to know what you are doing. Unscrew a couple of screws to loosen the grip of the bake element and take it out to replace it with a new one.

Drip Pans

Drip pans are a versatile product of the Kenmore electric stove parts. They might look like they don’t do much, but we don’t realize that any spillage that goes out of the vessel falls straight into the drip pan. They don’t require to be replaced so easily. Furthermore, they are overlaid with either chrome or porcelain, which guarantees their durability. It does not mean that they are indestructible, they can be prone to rust and other hazardous factors like an accumulation of grease by frequent use and non-cleaning.

To substitute the old drip pan and get a new one, pick the old one out of the surface top by removing the coiled burners and gently taking the drip pans out. Be sure to know the measurement of the cutout space to precisely pick up a drip pan of the same size. These drip pans also come in sets of 4 bowls, and they can be bought as individual pieces too.

Drip Pans

Terminal Block Kit

Terminal block kits are mostly present in the ranges. They connect each wire of the power cord to the wiring of your range. It contains screws and nuts to keep every wire strand intact. If your terminal block kit is faulty, you will witness an imbalance of power in the range. To remove it, make sure all the power buttons are off from the grid.  If you are a beginner who does not know anything about setting up a range, we recommend you hire professional help.


The cooktop is powered by the burners, and burners need to be in good working condition to heat up. These burners come in different sizes, 6” and 8” inches. The replacement of these burners is necessary when your existing element does not heat up as it’s supposed to. This burner has looped endings with tiny receptacles that connect to the glass top.

Oven Igniter

The oven temperature sensor does exactly what it sounds like, it senses the temperature in the oven and does not let it rise beyond the normal temperature or the other way around. The sensor is very fragile, so it needs a delicate touch. Keep that in mind before changing it.

Oven Igniter

Burner Switch

The burner switch is responsible for controlling the 8-inch burners on the stovetops of some Kenmore stoves. If the burner shows signs of malfunction, it can be determined if they are faulty. If there is no sign of the burner being faulty, then the infinite burner switch may be at fault. To substitute a burner switch, you have to be careful. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and get on it using a pair of pliers and a screwdriver.

Reyhoar 318282310 Burner Knob Replacement Part – Replaces AP3774164, 1062940, AH979119, EA979119, PS979119

If you have a broken knob, it can be replaced very conveniently. The knobs have undergone various tests to determine their durability. They can be fitted on any of the D-shaped models from Frigidaire and Kenmore. These knobs are cheap and inexpensive, saving you a lot of money.

Front Door Glider:

The front door glider facilitates smooth in and out gliding of the oven storage drawer. If you feel that the storage drawer is a bit abrasive, then you can order the new front door glider, to smoothly pulling out the drawer. To change the old stubborn glider just pull it out using a little force and snap the new one in.

Fun Fact

“Almost one out of three American households have Kenmore appliances.”

Customer Care

If you are having problems with your Kenmore electric stove parts, you can visit a Sears store as they guarantee you a professional service, thanks to their experience with hundreds of Kenmore products. If you want to have a one on one call with a resource of customer service in the US, you can call 1-844-553-6667. Kenmore has characterized and classified its customer support details into various subsections regarding a peculiar section of the problem.

The responsiveness is fairly good, and the customer support representatives give their best shot to tackle your problem. They have a dedicated webpage feature that directly connects you to a member of their team and allows you to chat with them.


Kenmore has been in the kitchen appliance business for more than 100 years, and they have gained enough ground in this long period to make their presence significant. They started small, like every other company. They developed the drop-down needle sewing machine and grew their business by diversifying their target audience and their product ranges. Many people own electric ranges by Kenmore.

This article is a guide to the ones who are unable to find a replacement for their Kenmore electric stove parts. It was impossible to find some small parts of the ranges that have been discontinued by the producer. We have tried our best to get a good deal of Kenworth stove parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the digital clock not work?

This problem usually occurs because the clock display may be turned off. You can restore it using the owner’s manual you get along with the range.

Why does the oven door lock after the clean cycle?

This happens to regulate the temperature of the oven. The door unlocks when the temperature restores to normal.

Why do the surface burners tick?

If the ignition switch is wet, then it may cause constant ticking. Let it dry and check if the problem persists. If so, then try replacing the ignition switch.

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