Best Whirlpool Electric Stoves

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We believe, if you do your job well, you won’t need to brag about yourself anywhere. The word goes around by itself. That being said, let’s talk about one of the leading brands in the world that have given us various gems like electric stoves, washing machines, and various other electric appliances. The appliances that have gone to work for longer hauls than others. Whirlpool is a brand whose name is deeply embedded in the minds of people. The brilliant and top-notch electric appliances that are manufactured by Whirlpool are America’s favorite and giving us some of the Best Whirlpool Electric Stoves.

They have built trust in the brand. And honestly, you can’t even blame them for this. Their presence on the market has deeply affected the perspective of people in North America. Whirlpool still manages to astound people with their upscale electric stoves, refrigerators, and other luxury products which are no less than wonders. Here we have curated the best whirlpool electric stoves that are available in the market, being a huge hit ever since its introduction in the appliance industry.

Best Whirlpool Electric Stoves

Best Whirlpool Electric Stoves

Let us look at the best Whirlpool electric stoves that suits your requirements and rank them according to their efficiency levels.

Whirlpool WEEA25H0HZ

Whirlpool WEEA25H0HZ

Some of the best Whirlpool Electric Stoves can be simple. First off, we are starting with a slide-in range. It is one of the best whirlpool electric stoves for those who want their product to be as smart as them. The smart features have compelled us to be on the top of the list. Features like smart device integration help you connect the range to your smartphone and get regular updates on the working of your stove. You can also supervise and modulate the temperature of your Whirlpool range using the smart apps developed to merge them. Ever heard of the popular classic cartoon called Richie Rich. How he had a robot cook that cooked for him. This range has the same energy.

You have to scan the barcode of the food pack you bought while shopping for groceries and send it to the Whirlpool range and let the miracle happen. The stove will automatically preset its temperature to match the recipe of the food.  The stovetop houses five versatile elements with flexible abilities that they can mold themselves in. The smoothtop is covered with ceramic glass and is easy to clean. The design is impeccably perfect. The stainless steel knobs perfectly match with the rest of the body. Easy-to-turn knobs facilitate good cooking. The oven with an enormous capacity of 6.4 cu. ft. is enough to quench the hunger of an entire family at once.

  • Size: 30” inch
  • Width: 29 ⅞” inch
  • Depth: 28 ⅞” inch
  • Height: 36 inch
  • Number of burners: 5
  • Price: $1999
  • Oven Capacity: 6.4 cu. ft.

Whirlpool WGE745C0FS 30″ Stainless Freestanding Double Oven Range

Whirlpool WGE745C0FS 30″ Stainless Freestanding Double Oven Range

This Whirlpool range is implanted with state-of-the-art features, making it one of the best Whirlpool Electric Stoves. The qualities of this electric stove include a big oven for the range that has a good capacity (6.7 cu. ft.) it is divided into two ovens, the large one(the one that’s below) can hold 4.2 cu. Ft. leaving the upper oven with a space of 5.2 cu. ft. It can host a full roast. You can get a rack divider to enhance the versatility of the oven. Cooktop hosts 5 multifaceted ceramic-covered burners that use the least amount of energy to get your food heated. These include a burner with a melt setting, You can use it for cheese melting and making sauces.

While the rapid boil element can quickly boil liquids to save you time. The ring element guides you to precisely place the vessel on the element. This range is equipped with a smart temperature sensor that adjusts the heat levels inside the oven for consistent cooking. The hidden bake element provides exquisiteness to the food. The control panel is placed in the front with an LCD screen placed in the middle to inform you about the estimated time left on the clock. It is a freestanding range, so you have the choice of placing it either, individually, or in the designated cutout space.

  • Size: 30” inch
  • Width: 29 15/16” inch
  • Depth: 26 1/8” inch
  • Height: 47 1/8 inch
  • Number of burners: 5
  • Price: $1439
  • Oven Capacity: 6.7 cu. ft.

Whirlpool WFE550S0HZ

Whirlpool WFE550S0HZ

The best whirlpool electric stoves save you a good amount of money. With affordability, it brings top-notch features that high-end rangers usually have. The range has some best-performing electric burners on its stovetop. The smooth and lustrous stovetop looks clean all the time. If unfortunately, a pan gets knocked over and there’s spillage all over the place, you do not need to panic and just swipe away the liquid with a stroke of your arm (with a microfiber cloth). Besides the glossy stovetop, you also get a powerful 5.3 cu. Ft. oven.

Self-clean Feature

The capacity of the oven is crammed up a little if you compare it to the former ovens. But it is enough for a grateful dinner. The contribution of this beautiful stainless steel piece of art in sprucing up kitchens is incredible. The inside of the oven is self-cleaned by the range without leaving a corner. We think whirlpool knows too much about a modern family(not the show), the range is armed with features like frozen bake and rapid preheating for your impromptu dinner plan.

To back up on the safety element, this range makes sure that you don’t suffer because of your bad memory (leaving the oven door open). Being a freestanding range, the controls are mounted on the back top, which is a safe distance from the kids. To clean the stove the knobs, just take them out of their socket and soak them in the dishwasher. They are made dishwasher resistant, it is one of the great features that you will find in some of the other Best Whirlpool Electric Stoves too.

  • Size: 30” inch
  • Width: 29.87” inch
  • Depth: 27.75” inch
  • Height: 47.87 inches
  • Number of burners: 5
  • Price: $994
  • Oven Capacity: 5.3 cu. ft.

Whirlpool WFC150M0JW

Whirlpool WFC150M0JW

This range is probably the most inexpensive range among the others. The best whirlpool electric stoves, only lighten your wallet a little, so does this one with a charge of $569. The low price does not mean any compromise on the good features that Whirlpool provides. The stove comes in three shades of which black, and stainless steel look fabulous. Just as the price goes down, the oven size shrinks. This one has an oven capacity of 4.8 cu. ft. which is pretty ample if you think.

It is inevitable to cook a perfect meal without making a little mess on the cooktop. These raised corners of this range make sure that the spillage does not spread through the slides of the range. The range has a wonderful oven window to give a view of the inside without having to open the doors. The stovetop has 4 open burners that are well functioning, with two burners possessing the capacity of 2400 W, while the other two work with 1500 W. The burners are open coiled and that lets you experience what fast cooking is.

  • Size: 30” inch
  • Width: 30” inch
  • Depth: 28” inch
  • Height: 47.77” inch
  • Number of burners: 4
  • Price: $649
  • Oven Capacity: 4.8 cu. Ft

Whirlpool WFE505W0HZ

Whirlpool WFE505W0HZ

The pristine electric range by Whirlpool is the best of its class. The electric range has 5 perfectly efficient burners that work at full capacity. The cooktop is overlaid with ceramic. The prime element gets the work done with mega 3000 W. The electric stove is constructed to fulfill and meet the needs of every section of people. It has a 5.3 cu. Ft. oven fitted with the best bake element which bakes the cake at the exact temperature you wish.

The oven is armed with a broiler temperature management system. It does not let the oven overheat and keeps the surroundings cool as well. When you can’t wait to go home and eat the lasagna kept in your refrigerator, the flex heat technology can come into play. The flex heat just skips that preheat and warms up your lasagna with proper heat. Sabbath mode enables you to have the oven working at a non-fluctuating temperature without the displays and the digital screen until it is manually turned off. Overall, this is one of the best whirlpool electric stoves as it has many features and modes that suit you well.

  • Size: 30” inch
  • Width: 29 7/8” inch
  • Depth: 27 3/4” inch
  • Height: 47 7/8” inch
  • Number of burners: 5
  • Price: $699
  • Oven Capacity: 5.3 cu. Ft

Euro-Style 30″ Electric Downdraft Range

Euro-Style 30″ Electric Downdraft Range

We know that this range does not belong to the list of the best whirlpool electric stove, but Jenn air is owned by whirlpool. So technically, this range is one of Whirlpool’s stoves. The electric stove gives the best of everything at a premium price. The flamboyant body and sleek design get the attention of anyone who walks into the kitchen. We could not find any whirlpool range with a downdraft. So we decided to branch out a little. This range is equipped with a powerful downdraft facility placed right in the middle of the cooktop. The cooktop features 4 burners on the top. These burners are flexible with a dual ring feature. You can use the dual 9” inch burner to cook in big pans, and the 6” inch burners are the best for accommodating the smaller ones.

The downdraft ventilates the smoke straight out of the kitchen. It can also be responsible for the exhaustion of pungent smells. The overall design reflects luxury, it can be evident from the visual aesthetic that it adds to the kitchen. The flat-top stove is controlled by ultra-smooth sets of turning knobs. The oven boasts a massive capacity that can be used to cook meals for the entire week at once. These are among the best Whirlpool electric stoves. The oven uses true convention to evenly cook the food and provide them with adequate heat. If you are willing to pay the extravagant price for the luxury of having a downdraft, you can invest in this stove.

  • Size: 30” inch
  • Width: 29.87” inch
  • Depth: 27.81” inch
  • Height: 36” inch
  • Number of burners: 4
  • Price: $3499
  • Oven Capacity: 6.4 cu. Ft

Whirlpool’s Contribution

We have hand-picked the best whirlpool electric stove based on your needs from an array of stove inventory. Whirlpool indeed takes active participation in activities and various environmental protection programs. They also made their contribution during the Katrina hurricane by pitching in 1 million dollars to the relief fund.

Whirlpools Customer Support

The customer support of any manufacturing company is the reason behind its brand name. The foundation of brand image is laid on the emphasis on the customer support team. The reviews by people on the customer support quality of Whirlpool were reviewed by our team, and it was found that Whirlpool ranks among the worst companies in terms of customer support. Everyone who complained and gave reviews was furious after the lack of integrity displayed by the customer care executives. There were also reports of people claiming that Whirlpool did not cover the warranty period on various instances. This feedbacks were worse than the time Donald Trump joined office.

Electric Cooktops by Whirlpool.

This section contains some of the best flat top stoves by Whirlpool. These countertop stoves developed by Whirlpool possess unbelievable features that make them the best.

30 in. Radiant Electric Ceramic Glass Cooktop in Stainless Steel with 4 Burners and a Dual Radiant Element

30 in. Radiant Electric Ceramic Glass Cooktop in Stainless Steel with 4 Burners and a Dual Radiant Element

The flat stovetop by Whirlpool perfectly contains 4 element burners. Contrary to the main theme color of the entire body of the cooktop, the controls are shiny stainless steel color. The flexibility of the stovetop to be installed over a wall oven or by itself is an added benefit. To add to the flexibility aspect, out of the four radiant burners present on the cooktop one possesses the ability to adjust and extend its element diameter(6” inch to 8’ inch) to comfortably keep a bigger pan on it.

Don’t let its simple design fool you, it has arrays of functions that are very useful. The safety light is one of the most necessary and excellent features that is included in the cooktop. Even after the power is turned off, the indicator light stays on to let you know that the stovetop is still hot. Whirlpool guarantees to cover a 1-year warranty on the product, so you can have it repaired if you feel the cooktop needs one.

  • Size: 30” inch
  • Width: 30.81” inch
  • Height: 5.25” inch
  • Depth: 22.88” inch
  • Price: $749
  • Weight: 41 lbs

30″ Electric Cooktop with Dishwasher-Safe Knobs

30″ Electric Cooktop with Dishwasher-Safe Knobs

The best whirlpool electric stove for minimalists. It is light as a feather, and it doesn’t come with any complex installation procedures. Cleaning it is even easier, the removable elements come out hassle-free, and you can clean the food debris down under. The surface of the cooktop is made of porcelain and can be cleaned like a breeze. The stovetop has 4 coiled burners, which are great in terms of working efficiency. You can use the infinite heat control to adjust the heat settings from simmer to high in a convenient manner.

The sensitemp feature lets you boil water and other liquids more briskly than others. Experience traditional cooking with the coiled burners. It might be difficult to distinguish a hot top from a cold one unless you touch it. But are you ready to roll those dice? You don’t have to, because this incredible stovetop by Whirlpool keeps a small indicator light on to show you that the stove is still hot.

  • Size: 30” inch
  • Width: 30” inch
  • Height: 3-1/4” inch
  • Depth: 21” inch
  • Price: $499
  • Weight: 32 lbs

Whirlpool W5CE3024XB00 W5CE3024XB 30″ Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop, OSFA

Whirlpool W5CE3024XB00 W5CE3024XB 30″ Black Electric Smoothtop Cooktop, OSFA

The best whirlpool electric stove if you are a budget-friendly product. This electric stove costs you very little, yet it gives you the same luxury as other ceramic-covered cooktops. There are 4 burners housed on its ceramic glass top that have power Wattage ranging from 2500W to 1250 W.  As easy as it is to clean, it gives you equivalent joy in using this stovetop to cook your favorite food.

After you are done with cooking, and it is time to clean the cooktop, you don’t have to stress over and put in extra effort to clean the knobs separately. The knobs are dishwasher resistant. They can be soaked in the dishwasher and reattached to sustain that newness. This amazing stove by Whirlpool does not have a lot of extravagant features to offer, but the flawless design and exciting features are good enough for you to consider this cooktop.

  • Size: 30” inch
  • Width: 21.75” inch
  • Height: 3.7” inch
  • Depth:” inch
  • Price: $499
  • Weight: 45 lbs

About Whirlpool

Way before in time, the city of St. Joseph witnessed the attempts of Upton Brothers meeting a successful end as they created a wringer washing machine operated on a motor. After a thriving innovation, they decided to expand their business by stepping foot into the electric appliance business. They were determined to raise the bar of appliance manufacturing, and they did. After joining hands with America’s best retail store chain of that time, they started making massive profits that gave wary to having to increase the production of the fully automated wringer machines.

The target audience went berserk over the quality and the ease that these machines provided. Whirlpool shot to fame after they incessantly created and sold products via the partner Sears. There were hundreds of people who waited for the restocking of the best Whirlpool electric stove.

The Break-up With Sears

In a recent decision by the board of directors and other managerial bodies, Whirlpool decided to take their businesses off the once famed retail store outlets of Sears. After being partners for decades, whirlpool split up with Sears, terminating the supply of their products. Earlier, Whirlpool ovens and Whirlpool electric ranges were among the top-selling and profit-making appliances ever. Ironically, Whirlpool’s subsidiary brand which is called Kenmore is one of the majorly sold brands by Sears. Whirlpool released a statement saying that out of their global sales revenue, only 3 percent accounted for the Sears sales.

The Production of Electric Stoves by Whirlpool

As we know that, the popularity gained by electric stoves in America was gradual and slow. But it was slowly being accepted by the households in America. The best time to step into business was when the change happened. Whirlpool started producing electric stoves to compete with others in the game. Whirlpool managed to conquer it by the introduction of their splendid electric ranges.

After more than a century of service, Whirlpool still stands tall in the appliance market, producing stronger and smarter stoves every day. Whirlpool has good abilities to adapt to the dynamic business environment, and it can be deemed as a reason for their long presence. Selecting the best whirlpool electric stove is a hard task. We cannot just pick one and name it better than the rest. This is why we have a list that features the best Whirlpool electric stoves. We went out on a limb, to describe what makes them stand out from the rest.

Factors to Consider While Buying Electric Stove

Whirlpool’s electric ranges are cleverly built to save you some money on every product, and they often experiment with the design to get a diversity among its inventory of stoves. We have followed a pattern while choosing these Whirlpool stoves and ranges. We took some factors as benchmarks and standards. And if they(the stoves) fulfill these criteria, they can ultimately be characterized as one of the best. The filtration process takes a lot of time as Whirlpool has big ‘pool’ stoves to offer. We are going to list the criteria for a better understanding of the readers:


The best whirlpool electric stove should also come with the best price, doesn’t it? On this list, some stoves are dearly priced. What is the factor that increases the price of the machinery? The basis of pricing is related to the cost applied in making and supplying it. The starting price of a Whirlpool range depends on the size of the range that you select. From the mainstream stoves, 30” inch tops are the most common ones that are bought by an average person. The 30-inch range can cost anywhere around $700 – $2300. We have tried to make it a versatile list by including the ranges of varying price ranges.


The design does not pertain only to the look of the range but also focuses on the intricacies of every small aspect. The construction of the oven, the placement of burners, and how accessible are the controls. Design covers a variety of areas, and it cannot be limited to certain confined ideas. A design gives life to the kitchen, also boosts the aesthetics. A stove can be categorized as smart when it works well towards ensuring the safety of people while shining like a precious stone.


As we talked about the size in the above section about how Whirlpool has a multitude of stoves to choose from. Starting from the smallest one (20 inches) to the biggest(36 in), There are variations in the features too. Measuring the cutout space in your kitchen is the best possible way to determine which range you should go for.


This one gets a little tricky, the controls of an electric stove need to be programmed and presented in a way that it becomes a cakewalk for people to understand them. Complex controls have not always gotten their way around. Another important factor that plays a key role is the proper placement of these control panels.


The mighty Whirlpool does not have many stoves and ranges to choose from, and thus it was easy for us to narrow down and choose from the best, affordable, and the ones laced with the best features for our readers. Whirlpool is very reliable in terms of quality and every stovetop and range is built in compliance with all the security and safety measures out there. Though the customer support is subpar, the responsiveness to retrieve back their faulty machines is ridiculously slow.

It is obvious that a company has its strengths and weaknesses that it is supposed to work on, so does Whirlpool. They have been in the business for more than 100 years to gain the legibility to have control over setting the trends in the electric appliance business. The best whirlpool electric stoves mentioned in the list above are chosen based on objective judgment with a preset list of criteria necessary to qualify them to be counted among the greatest stoves by Whirlpool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do when the entire range isn’t turning on?

This may happen because of power issues. Make sure that your power cord is plugged into the outlet. If the outlet does not have power, then check your circuit system or fuse box and try to reset it.

What to do when the stovetop doesn’t work?

Make sure that the control knob is set properly. Also, refer to the owner’s manual for more information on this.

How to fix a noisy range?

This happens when the range is in power mode, and it reduces when the power is reduced.

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