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When did you go to a restaurant the last time? The pandemic has mushed our lives into a monotony of chores and watching Netflix while cooking food. While it was not bad for some people, it became a nightmare for someone like me who likes going to a restaurant. The uncertainty about the opening up of my favorite dining place had crushed their dreams of eating at their dearest eat-out place. Now all this is just to show you the flip side and the people who run these restaurants. So if you are one of those people and are looking for the best commercial electric stoves, read on ahead.

Now that the vaccine is launched in the market and countries have welcomed the decision of restarting eateries. There was a huge relief among foodies after this news broke out. While some became chefs watching cooking videos, others craved more to eat outside food. Maybe they are aware of the fact that they won’t ever be able to replicate their favorite dishes within the confines of their house. Or they believe that there is no competition between the hand-cooked meal on a normal electric range and a ‘magical’ meal cooked on the best commercial electric stoves.

Now the best commercial electric stoves are just as good as the ones who cook on them. Commercial electric stoves can be considered to be the Godzilla of the cooking world. They have immense power generation skills and can also be used relentlessly. How do you think they cook continuously in the “back of the house?” The consistency comes in handy to handle every order that comes in. These commercial stoves are designed to have a bandwidth of handling relentless cooking.

commercial electric stoves

Some of the Best Commercial Electric Stoves vs Common household ranges

One of the major differences between the two of these is that commercial ranges are typically huge and the power. While residential electric stoves are insubstantial, they cannot afford to be “grilled” for a long time. Commercial stoves are excellently efficient in cooking sizable meals. Residential ranges house a lesser number of burners in comparison to multi professionally used commercial stoves. Commercial Electric cooker produces around 35000 BTUs in terms of current flow produced. Whereas, residential electric stoves are capable of pulling 15000 – 20000 BTUs of power. It is one of the reasons why they are not considered to be installed in a house. If you choose to install a commercial electric cooker in your house, you will have to be prepared for the exorbitant electricity bill you get. You are supposed to follow a very stiff and inflexible set code by the NEC and fire department.

Tom Philpott as a food and agriculture correspondent gives his view on whether chefs in restaurants can learn to live with the fact that they are supposed to use an industrial electric stove instead of a gas connection, “when I see a gas range and something stirs in me” says Tom. “An induction cooktop? It leaves me cold” he added, implying that there is a lively connection that triggers and wakes the chefs inside us. He talks about how “mindless, the indulgence in gas cooking is”. There are instances that are proof that these residential electric stoves are the new normal. When electric stoves came out, they were considered a novelty, but now their numbers are rapidly growing.

Some of the Best Commercial Electric Stoves vs Common household ranges

Dying popularity of Gasoline Stoves for Commercial Use

He points out the reason for the steeply diminishing popularity of gas stoves and ranges is the thought that the less we are dependent on a gas connection that feasts on fossil fuels, the more likely we are to cut on carbon emissions. As we inch closer to the conversion of natural gas connections to ranges we need to have proper codes that regulate and provide constant services if the situation demands. In the article, he elaborated on the decision taken by the Berkeley city council to discontinue the usage of gas connections.

“Flames are the heart of what makes cooking visceral and fun”, Andrea Reusing(restaurateur and chef) on why people choose to go with conventional gas connection overlooking the benefits an electric range has to offer. Chefs have been emotionally attached to the fiery burners with strands of flames playing with the metal grates on the cooktop. Chefs have been reluctant about this transition process. They believe that the truest and richest flavors from food can only be nurtured properly when it is cooked with actual fire.

Some people like Dan Barber, owner-chef of the Blue Hill restaurants in New York have solidified that they won’t back out if this transition is made mandatory. He has a dual setup of gas as well as electric stoves on every station his chefs use.

This sudden transition has left people with divided opinions. Barber believes that the gas stove has molded and people’s personalities as they run a “furious, hot, tension-filled world”. And that the contemporary electric stoves make a “quieter, more contemplative environment”

Dying popularity of Gasoline Stoves for Commercial Use

Why are these eating hubs switching to electric stoves?

Restaurant owners are switching to the best commercial electric stoves to cut down on the carbon emission that takes place while using fire stoves. There is a circumstantial reason too, as various ordinances are being introduced and passed to completely disband using a gas stove. Gas stoves have been with us for centuries, but now is the time for us to think ahead and do what’s best to incline towards renewable energy.

For restaurateurs, and chefs we have a catalog of the best commercial electric stoves that would facilitate its transition with ease. Through boundless research, we have been able to produce a list of the best commercial electric stoves.

Bertazzoni MAST304INMXE

Bertazzoni MAST304INMXE

Bertazzoni manufactures its ranges in Italy, and then they are transported into the United States. The heavy-duty metal-made skin of the body is something that is in high demand. With good looks, it also boasts of a 30-inch single oven cavity. Medium size oven is best for undivided focus on one dish at a time. It doesn’t let loose the exclusiveness and the authenticity of the dishes. Talking about the cooktop, it is home to 4 burning elements over a blanket of ceramic glass. This range is deemed to be the best commercial electric stove.

  • Width: 30” inch
  • Depth: 29” inch
  • Height: 28.5” inch
  • Weight: 305 lbs
  • Price: 3599 $

Vulcan CEF75

Vulcan CEF75

God forbid if we ever try to calculate the amount of oily food we consume, it would go over the roof. But resisting the delicious fry ain’t something we can do, right? Restaurants and other eating hubs have a dedicated fryer that deep-fries your French fries and gives it that magical taste. Vulcan CEF75 is one such beast in the frying world with its massive 75 lbs oil capacity to work with an immense quantity.

The quantity is so large you can feed your entire city(JK, it would however feed a lot of people). You can save a ton on your restaurant’s operational costs by including Vulcan in your kitchen arsenal. It is as convenient as watching a TV show in terms of cleaning, energy-saving, and operating the machine. A large valve pipe that is intended for draining purposes is hooked on to the machine. This making it quicker filtration of oil.


  • Width : 27″
  • Depth : 37″
  • Height : 13 1/8″
  • Price : 6912 $

Final verdict

There has been a lot of debate and discussions regarding the eradication of the traditional gas stoves and replacing them with the best commercial electric stoves. This section includes our subjective view on the hot topic. We believe that the transition that is being followed by all the Berkeley city councils is an important factor in the step ahead. Therefore, To lower carbon emissions, we must lose something that was once very dear to us. Some people think that transition to an electric stove would be an abomination for them in terms of the sum they would have to pay on the electricity bill.

This is true to some extent, they consume more electricity than most of the electric appliances in your house. Although, to your surprise, they are more efficient than a gas burner. They develop better results in terms of energy efficiency. There have been various tests to determine the efficiency of these two enemies, and the results have been in favor of the electric stoves. The verdict does not come out of tests with arbitrary choices of parameters, it was all standard. Some electric induction cooktops do not waste even a fragment of heat because of the direct transmission of heat into the pan being used.

The air quality is not compromised while using a quality electric stove, but the burning of gas stoves can cause a deduction in the air quality.

Control Wise

Controls of an electric stove are far more precise and dynamic than gas stoves, it gives you complete control over the intensity and other factors. Various other features are involved in making an electric stove stand out. Features like a keep warm element on the induction provide enough heat for the food to stay warm, there is no feature with such features that even comes close to that in a gas stove. Other features are child safety, digital controls, and many others.

There are multiple pros and cons attached to the usage of a commercial electric range, but we gravitate towards making it the new normal as it saves the one thing that is keeping us alive; the environment.

After all the hustle-bustle, discussions, and informative sections we have reached the consensus that electric stoves are the next step ahead. It is far better than a conventional gas stove. We know that there is a sense of familiarity and an attachment when it comes to the elements of nature. It would be a drastic change for everyone and sure would take time. The sooner we start with handling this change the better it would be not only for us. However, for our surroundings too. There is a good deal of companies who are producing electric stoves for commercial use. They are trying to go all-in in electrifying the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are commercial electric stoves better than gas stoves?

Yes, they are better in terms of energy-saving, cutting down on carbon emissions, and usability.

Can we install a commercial cooktop in our homes?

You can install a commercial stovetop in your house. Although, you should be abiding by the strictest fire code that we have here in America. Commercial cooktops are meant to be used in restaurants.

What are some disadvantages of switching to electric cooktops?

We cannot say these commercial electric ranges are the best when it comes to switching to them. But there are some drawbacks latched to them:

  • They alter the traditional way of cooking with fire
  • Not everyone is comfortable cooking with induction ranges.
  • The controls are more dynamic and can be too complex for chefs to understand.

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