Best Black Electric Stoves

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Did you know there are 105 shades of the color black? That means there are more shades in one color than every color we know of. It is astounding to know this information, but we could never tell the difference between two shades of the same color. However, it doesn’t matter what shade of black you wear, it goes well with anything. Hasn’t it always been so? A black hoodie is so common to wear that most people own one. If black clothes can go well with anything, so can black electric range. It does not matter what color is your countertop, you can get an electric stove of the color black and install it in the middle or individually.

Black Electric Stoves

Why Choose the Best Black Electric Stoves?

It is an obsession for some people to have the color black around them or their clothes. They have the same obsession with spreading the color black in their kitchens too. People who fancy this color often associate it with the color of prestige and suaveness. If you share an attachment with this color, there are chances that you might be a Nyctophile( a person who likes darkness and nights). If you are looking for the best black electric stoves to buy, then you are at the right place. In this article “Best Black Electric Stoves”, we have included an incessant number of the best black electric stoves that can best suit any kitchen.

Some of the Best Black Electric Stoves

These were our picks for the best black electric stoves. Every range is constructively explained, their features, the things that they lack, and their dimensions. Now we have to focus our attention on the best black stovetops.

GE – 30″ Built-In Electric Cooktop – Black on Black

GE – 30″ Built-In Electric Cooktop – Black on Black

This GE cooktop is as black as night. Everything except the markings of the elements is black. The knobs that control the 4 burners on the top are located on the right side of the stove’s surface, lined in a vertical series. Everything on the stove is just flawless, from the positioning to the power of each burner. The 8” inch burner is the biggest among the four and produces up to 2500 W of power. It has a dedicated element just to keep the pots and pans warm enough, it only works on 100 W power. It can be installed with just as ease involved in going for a walk. Cleaning the stovetop is a child’s play, it can be done with a damp cloth.

  • Size: 30” inch
  • Width: 29 ¾” inch
  • Depth: 20 ⅞” inch
  • Height: 4” inch
  • Price: 579.99 $

GE – 36″ Built-In Electric Cooktop – Black on Black

GE – 36″ Built-In Electric Cooktop – Black on Black

GE has clouded the prominent potential challengers in the electric stove-making market. They have made feats of electric stoves possessing various designs and colors. This one in particular is an all-black stovetop. It has gained popularity among people with its jet black color. It reflects the bold personality of the person using it. The touch controls are sensitive to touch and easy to understand. It controls all 5 burners, including the biggest three-ring burners that use the space to welcome diverse vessels of multiple sizes. To exercise more control, you can lock the controls to avoid unintentional actions.

  • Size: 36” inch
  • Width: 33 7/8” inch
  • Depth: 20 3/8” inch
  • Height: 4” inch
  • Price: 893 $

LG 36-In 5 Elements Smooth Surface (Radiant) Black Electric Cooktop

LG 36-In 5 Elements Smooth Surface (Radiant) Black Electric Cooktop

As we come close to finishing the best black electric stoves list we would like to end it with a banger. One of the best electric smooth tops with the shade of black and a reflective surface. A cooktop with 36-inch width is enough to have a family of pots on the 5 burners. The burner elements are flexible and can be used to cook with numerous vessels of different sizes. The prime(biggest and power) burner happens to have a three-ring space to choose from according to the size of the cookware you are using. The controls are centralized for you to see and understand them quickly. It is the glass touch controls that simplify the control settings for anyone to understand. The installation is as flexible and effortless as using the controls. It should be installed either over a wall oven or independently.

  • Size: 36” inch
  • Width: 36.68” inch
  • Depth: 22” inch
  • Height: 4” inch
  • Price: 998 $

Criteria to Find the Best Black Electric Stoves

It is natural for some people to effectively choose the color black from a band of colors. People fixating on a shade that looks dark is truly amazing. Although, you can make anything look good until it is with the color black. Similarly, we have done some extensive research to find out the best black electric stoves that look great and function excellently. The prime importance was laid on the color, but the secondary criteria were also taken care of. These criteria included:


The color of the stove doesn’t decide the price, but it is the design and the features. No stove is priced more because of its color. Mostly all the mighty manufacturers of stoves and stovetops have introduced several other colors besides black.


It is the design of the electric stove that matters a lot. It is the determining factor in the pricing. Even if you are not a big fan of the color, you can agree that it cannot be hated, any design that involves this color is considered cool.


We emphasized the black stovetop and its features. Some of the coolest features that black electric stoves have aren’t uncommon to find in other stoves.


You might know how these black stoves can sustain ”injuries” and permanently ruin their looks. The slightest scratch can make the biggest dents to their alluring looks. Also, when you buy a black electric stove, it is always an added responsibility on your part. It is something you cannot opt-out of. Regular cleaning is an indispensable need to be fulfilled.


Whether the width of the electric stove is 24” inch or 30” inch. What matters is if the stove fits in your kitchen or not.

These are the criteria to be considered before buying the best black electric stove.

Criteria to Find the Best Black Electric Stoves


Almost everyone in the entire world owns something black. It could be a sweatshirt, a car, or anything per se. We believe that it looks beautiful, and sometimes it is okay to choose a product that looks good but lacks a couple of features. When it comes to electric stoves, the majority of them are made black so that they comfortably suit any countertop. The sleek design is to give consistently smooth designs to the entire area surrounding the stovetop.

The choices you make depend on you and if you like, you can get a good smooth top at a very minimal rate. This Best Black Electric Stoves list is laid down for the black lovers, and it contains the price and other details of every stove that we think are the best performers of them all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electric stovetops do not balance the heat evenly.

This problem occurs because of two reasons. It’s either because of the internal ignition switch or the infinite switch is faulty. It is advised to replace these parts to get the best out of the stovetop.

Can a stovetop be installed over an oven?

A stovetop can be installed over an oven, but it is advised not to do so because of the possibility of over-heating that could cause serious damages.

What’s the reason for sparks coming out of the stovetop?

Sparks coming out the stovetop can cause immense damage if not taken care of. Take a look through the wiring, i.e., wired connection, and ensure that it’s not loose. Another factor that causes sparks is the heating element.

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