Best 5 Burner Electric Stoves

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Why would someone need an additional warm top with their average 4 burner stoves? There must be something extraordinary about the 5 burner electric ranges. Maybe people are just forgetting about the added advantage of the 5 burner electric cooktops. This can include the expanded space on the top and be the feather on the cap. The best 5 burner electric stoves are those that facilitate easy cooking. There are a countless number of advantages that these incredible best 5 burner electric stoves have over the conventional 4 burner ones, and they are

Best 5 Burner Electric Stoves

Advantages of 5 Burner Stoves

Fast cooking: It is the most obvious advantage that 5 burner electric ranges have. An electric stove that big, can easily be lodged on with multiple pots and pans at once. It makes your life less chaotic; when you are a working parent, and you don’t have a lot of time to invest in cooking, you can choose the most convenient option to work out the breakfast for every family member using 5 different burners.

Powerful: The capacity to generate more heat quickly in comparison to a 4 burner stove is amiably easy. The increase in the number of electric burners, the more impactful and productive the yield will be. The power of the stove can determine whether it should be included among the best 5 burner electric stoves or not.

Space: There is enough space on the top of the best 5 burners electric stove to construct it with a downdraft or a griddle. Space can be used in a good way, unlike a smaller cooktop. They lack that advantage.

After digging deep enough, we have the best 5 burner electric stoves that the market has to offer. This list includes stoves from various leading companies. We have narrowed them down based on some standard touchstones to verify whether a cooktop is worth being included on the list.

Best 5 Burner Electric Cooktops

LG LCE3610SB 30-inch Electric Cooktop

LG LCE3610SB 30-inch Electric Cooktop

This LG cooktop looks very futuristic with its control being extremely sensitive, the attractive ceramic glass top comes in 30” to 36” inch sizes. LG introduced this cooktop to give your kitchen surreal aesthetics with an efficient surface top strategically placed with 5 burning elements the burners arranged uniquely, with an apex three-ringed burner stationed in the middle separating two sets of each burner on either side.

They can be used on multiple-sized vessels as they have multiple ringed dimensions(12” 9” 6” 8” 5”). Talking about the impeccable features that are fitted into it, there are countless numbers of them. If the food is cooked, and you want to keep it warm but not overheat it, just place them on the warming zone element. Cleaning the stove top is easy, you just have to wipe it with a clean cloth, and it will sustain the newness for a long time. Overall, the cooktop is good, and we do recommend taking a look at it


  • Size: 30” inches (also available in 36 inches)
  • Width: 36.68” inches
  • Depth: 22” inches
  • Height: 4 inches
  • Weight: 43 lbs
  • Amperage: 40 amps
  • Price: 1099 $

GE Profile PP9030SJSS 30-inch Electric Cooktop

GE Profile PP9030SJSS 30-inch Electric Cooktop

This company had to be on the list of the best 5 burner electric stoves. The electric smoothtop that we are discussing has some really cool features like multi-element timers; meaning that you can set each timer individually. After a little while, it is a bit hard to keep track of each of them, but we hope you will catch on to that quickly. The quickness of the heat, catching on to any kind of vessel is extraordinary. This is because the capacity of each burner to generate enough power is incredible. A sync burner can bridge the control of two burners each measuring 7 inches. It can accommodate a larger utensil. The asking price is convenient enough for everyone, with under 1400 $, you are going to pay for a delight.


  • Size: 30” inches
  • Width: 29.88” inches
  • Depth: 21” inches
  • Height: 5.56” inches
  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Amperage: 49.6 amps
  • Price: 1399 $

Empava 36 Inch Electric Stove Induction Cooktop with 5 Power Boost Burners Smooth Surface Vitro Ceramic Glass

Empava 36 Inch Electric Stove Induction Cooktop with 5 Power Boost Burners Smooth Surface Vitro Ceramic Glass

The embodiment of caliber and charisma, Empava is one of the reliable appliance brands in the country. Even though this model has the simplest design, it does not miss striking you with its flawlessness. The simplicity is so perfect that it beats all the modern hi-tech designs. It houses 5 burners beneath its black tempered glass. The hardness ensures durability and makes it indestructible against the most strenuous “Attacks”. There is a common issue of compatibility of utensils on induction cooktops, nevertheless, this model seals the deal as most of the stainless steel and cast iron utensils are compatible with induction.

As we come to the cleaning aspect, it is very evident that temper glass cleans with ease and provides a good base for hardcore cooking. The advantage of this cooktop is that it can go from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds; 9 different heat intensity settings are just a button away. Vitro ceramic glass is quick and fuss less to clean with a spill-proof top. The surface top does not turn hot excessively; a boon for the induction users. The surface top is wide as open ground and it parades 5 top clearly outlined induction burners. It is conveniently priced for every section of society.


  • Size: 36” inches
  • Width: 36” inches
  • Depth: 21” inches
  • Height: 2.1” inches
  • Weight: 27.8 lbs
  • Amperage: 50 amps
  • Price: 503 $

Whirlpool – 30″ Electric Cooktop – Black

Whirlpool – 30″ Electric Cooktop – Black

You will be amazed to know about the astounding flexibility of this cooktop by Whirlpool. It can be installed over a wall oven or even work independently. You can also switch between the diameters of the multiple-sized rings. For safety measures, it has a surface indicator light that signals that the cooktop is still on. And an additional heat indicator light too. Everyone throws caution to the wind before washing up the knobs and other parts of a cooktop and do their best to refrain water from ruining the mechanism and wiring of the stove. With the new heavy-duty knobs, you can soak them straight in the dishwasher, and they will come out fresh as new; it does not pose any threat to the quality of the knobs.


  • Size: 30” inches
  • Width: 30.81” inches
  • Depth: 21.75” inches
  • Height: 5.25” inches
  • Weight: 41 lbs
  • Amperage: 40 amps
  • Price: 849 $

Factors to Consider before Purchasing an Electric Stove


How else would you define the most common parameter that people consider while judging the goodness of any product. This criterion is universally applicable to almost every existing commodity ever. The electric range and cooktops are no exception.


Often, lower price tags give a sense of happiness that almost blind them from further digging down the rabbit hole. They tend to let go of the other necessary features that other cooktops possess for a minimal differentiation in the price. You can not always determine which one is the best 5 burner electric stoves merely by the price tag.


The design is equally vital as the other factors. Most of the cooktops with five burners have cool finishing and spectacular designs. There are some surprising variants like a radiant cooktop, a smooth cooktop with griddles, or even the one with outlets to extinguish the soiled air. Every variant is included in this listicle.


The controls have a part in bettering the looks and design of a range or s stovetop. If the controls are very simplistic, you might get bored with them, we do not suggest that standard knobs diminish the looks of the cooktops, moreover, it is about the smooth control factor that keeps the game on. The best 5 burner electric stoves are those that let you easily navigate through the controls.


Electric smooth tops come in multiple lengths. The heterogeneity falls between 30” to 360” inches. You have to come to terms with yourself and your family as to what size will be suitable for you. This can depend on a number of considerations; the size of your cooking area, the number of family members in your family, do you require a big cooktop to make your kitchen look good.


Most of the ceramic and radiant glass top do not require you to exert so much effort into scrubbing them to a spick and span state. They are all more or less the same when it comes to cleaning them.

These are the five main focus points that have been emphasized on, and we got the following products that can be deemed as the best 5 burner electric stoves

Factors to Consider before Purchasing an Electric Stove


All the products listed on the list have been scrutinized within the bounds of all the parameters, resulting in our success in providing you a list of the “Best 5 Burner Electric Stoves.” An electric stove can be distinct from all the other types of cooktops, their functions can involve the best of both worlds(4 burners and 5 burners) it enjoys the privilege to be deemed as the best for an average family.

Choosing from these many options was a tough task, and it took a hell of a lot of time to categorize and rank them. This article can help you out in narrowing down your choices on the basis of your preference. We have included some of the best cooktops that range in terms of functions and features. There are ones with Wi-Fi, grills and griddles, a 5 burner stove with a downdraft facility, and much more exciting features.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Is Using an electric stove going to cost you a lot?

Electric stoves are expensive, both in terms of pricing and maintenance. It depends on the manufacturer you are purchasing from so look for the power rating when you do go shopping.

What are some safety precautions that you need to take before cleaning your electric stove?

One thing you have to ensure before you begin cleaning your electric stove is make sure that the cooking top is clean and cold. Is it often the case that people are unable to determine if the cooktop of their electric stove is hot or not. Take all the necessary precautions before proceed with cleaning your electric stove.

How can I clean my electric stove?

Cleaning your electric stove can be a long and arduous process but if you have the right tool and implements at hand, the process becomes much simpler. Keep wiper and cleaning solution ready with you for the flattop and a damp piece of cloth for all the nooks,crannies and alcoves.

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