2 Burner Electric Stovetop

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When we talk about a 2 Burner Electric Stovetop, What do you see in your mind’s eye? When we talk about our good ol’ college days, we can never forget all the late-night reading sessions in the university dorms, using a portable electric stove and the “cook” among the group used to crank up the heat to cook something delicious.

2 Burner Electric Stovetops have always been an integral part of the lives of not only students but the entire generation of people who have no access to proper kitchens,  including people on vacations who are looking to spend their time at a rented cottage or Airbnb with no kitchen.

The reason why it is considered so beneficial is that the smaller size of the stove makes it portable, and it also emphasizes the handiness of the products. From boiling up the ramen to making a full meal for yourself, electric stores have always helped us. All they need is a standard power outlet to power the elements.

Its popularity has risen higher among students thanks to its inexpensiveness. The financial aspect adds up to the value of these cooktops. The best 2 Burner Electric Stovetops from various companies have been carefully contested and then featured on this list.

2 Burner Electric Stovetop

Look out for these things before buying a 2 Burner Electric Stovetop.

  • Price: if you are looking to buy an electric appliance, the first thing that you tend to look for is the price tag on the item.  Now, considering that you find a 2 Burner Electric Stovetop that fits your needs but it is a bit pricey. It is the ultimate decision-making/ changing factor after going through the description of the product. The list has some decent options that do not pose a threat to your bank account. If you are a student living in university housing, you are going to need some viable options that would be worth the service they provide and the features they carry.
  • Portability: The portability aspect is critically important for people who wish to go on vacations and rent a “cabin in the woods.” For these people, portability is an important aspect to consider. It is very easy to carry a 2 Burner Electric Stovetop anywhere with you.
  • Design: The design of the 2 Burner Electric Stovetop is also very essential to look at, you can’t just go for a stove with a faulty design. The placement of the elements on the cooktop affects the overall look of the stove.
  • Efficiency: Efficiency simply means getting the task done with minimal waste of resources. One of the most important factors to look for before investing your money in electric stoves is their efficiency. The usual 2 Burner Electric Stovetops can produce really great results. To measure the efficiency of an electric top we have to look at some of the features they possess.

Kenyon Mediterranean 12 in. Radiant Electric Cooktop in Speckled Black with 2-Elements Knob Control 120-Volt

Electric stoves are the workhorses of the appliance world because they draw a lot of power and cost way too much eventually when you pay your utility bills. The 2 Burner Electric Stovetop is very efficient, given that it can be hooked up to a standard power outlet. The surface of the cooktop is 21 inches wide and the 2 burners housed on the top are capable of drawing 1200 watt power each which gives you a powerful set of elements, so you can imagine the amount of power a 2 burner electric cooktop draws.

Coming to other features, it has an indicator light which means that as long as the element carries heat, there is a small light switched on to avoid burns. The price tag is justified by the features installed in it. When it comes to the special speckled design on the cooktop, the product looks splendid.

Kenyon Mediterranean 12 in. Radiant Electric Cooktop in Speckled Black with 2-Elements Knob Control 120-Volt

Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Countertop Burner

The induction stoves are believed to have the best heat transfer qualities, even better than the regular electric or gas stoves. They directly devolve the heat into the cookware making it the carrier of heat. Cuisinart has been in the market for years, rolling out products that have taken a place in people’s hearts.

Their commodities yield a higher level of productivity, and this 2 Burner Electric Stovetop is evidence of this. The set of burners is of varied sizes, with one being slightly larger than the other. This induction element has impressed people with its ability to directly provide heat to the utensil rather than the surface.

The intense energy is converted into heat in no more than a minute or so, and it cuts down on the waiting time. The induction draws over 1800 Watts of electricity and can be connected to a 110 v power receptacle. The portability of this device has attracted more customers than any other feature.

There are no high-end features imbued in it, so you might have to look for the digital LED display which is placed next to the standard touch buttons that give you control of the different features. It uses less than 70 % of electricity than a normal electric cooktop does.

Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Countertop Burner

Duxtop LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop 1800W Digital Electric Countertop Burner Sensor Touch Stove, 9620LS/BT-350DZ

A sensor touchpad to control numerous settings on this induction cooktop adds glamour to the glass cooktop. The mega 1800 W power, which is enough for a big burner to function at full capacity, contributes to the easy and fast cooking of your meals.

It takes almost no effort to pack it up in your bag and take it with you for your next vacation in the cabins. This, when compared to other 2 burner electric stovetops, houses beautiful burners on the cooktop with a dual ringed element included for one to welcome pots and pans of different sizes.

The element present on the left side also comes with a power mode to increase or decrease the intensity of the heat, whereas the one on the right side presents temperature control allowing you to adjust the perfect temperature you prefer for your favorite meals.

Duxtop LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop 1800W Digital Electric Countertop Burner Sensor Touch Stove, 9620LS/BT-350DZ

Architect Series II 15 in. Radiant Ceramic Glass Electric Cooktop in Black with 2 Elements(expensive)

The reason this  2 Burner Electric Stovetop bearing such a hefty price tag could be how packed it is with the diversity of features this cooktop carries. Two elements covered with a smooth glass top make clean-up seem like a child’s play. The 8” inch ring element can reach up to 1800 Watts of power, lessening the time it would take for you and your gang of friends to cook a meal. You have the option to specify the temperature you think is perfect for the food you are cooking.

Another ring measuring 7” inch stands equally as efficient as it reaches up to 1200 W.  The standard heavy knobs present on the right side of the surface of the stove are in vertical lines. The knobs have a rigorous body type which makes them dishwasher resistant and easy to clean. I think the reason for this stove being so expensive is how it has been made so compact yet so full of features. This 2 Burner Electric Stovetop is among the best flat top stoves out there.

Ramblewood 2 Burner Electric Stovetop, EC2-18

The Ramblewood might seem like a strange addition to the list of best cooktops. Trust me it deserves a spot here. When talking about the flat top stoves, their capacity to generate 3000 W of power is incredible. The arrangement of the elements and the digital touchpad control panel particularly, makes the design enticing. The simplicity of the design is simply alluring, the glossy surface of the stove perfectly reflects the light off of it. The product is sleek and portable which allows it to be a good companion for your excursions and vacations. The preliminary list is pretty short, it needs a 220 v circuit receptacle. The power of this 2 burner electric stovetop is extremely supplemental to its sleek design.

Ramblewood 2 Burner Electric Stovetop, EC2-18

Coiled Electric Cooktops

There is a variation in the cooktops which most of you would be familiar with, it is a coiled cooktop. For people who do not have a good idea about coiled cooktops, they are similar to smooth stovetops with respect to actual cooking. They, too, come with coils that heat up and in turn transfer the heat to the utensils. The difference comes in the placement and the presentation of the coils, unlike the smooth surface cooktops the coiled stovetops are devoid of any kind of covering.

If we compare the efficiency of the glass as well as the coiled cooktop, it is proven that the coiled stove is more efficient than the former. The efficiency tests on these double burner stovetops are simple exams to determine which device heats up quicker than the other one.

Quality and Financial Reponsibility

Coming to the price comparison, the obvious winner is the coiled cooktop, it is evident that the coiled cooktop does not possess the features to even be on the same page with the smooth tops. Let’s just say that the most costly coiled stove would be equal to the price of an average smoothtop. Coiled Stovetops are easy to maintain and the expenses are easy to bear. If you wish to substitute a coiled burner it won’t cost you much. The use and durability round is also won by the coiled cooktop owing to its durable steel body, whereas, the ceramic glass body is prone to extreme temperatures sometimes. The glass body can sustain great amounts of scratches, degrading the look of a ceramic top.

If the compiled stovetops are that good why do people go for the smooth top ceramic-covered stovetops? Well, they have their own disadvantages too, the number one reason being that they are unfair when it comes to accommodating a number of utensils at once.  They are very compact and their main purpose is usability.

Smooth electric cooktops are designed to add grace and sharp design to your kitchen, the coiled stovetops are not designed in a way that they could do the same. Their sophisticated designs are one of the reasons why they are significantly cheaper than its nemesis.

What are hotplates?

Hotplates are tabletop stoves with one or two burners. Two burner hotplates are not that common when you compare them to a single burner. It is very common for tourists and students to carry Hotplates. The cheap nature of the appliances makes it very popular among the students whereas, the tourists carry hotplates with them on vacations because they are handy and portable. The hotplate has several other uses.  Hotplates also function as a temporary replacement for an element that has gone haywire. Scientific laboratories also use hotplates to heat up the chemicals sometimes. You can find single and double burner hotplates too.

Hotplates have been around for decades, and for a long time, the ones that used gas to power their burners have faded away. This doesn’t mean that they are not available anymore, but people have realized the potential of an electric hotplate.

Hotplates are boon for the tourist community. They get a source of heat moreover, to cook their meals or to heat up their water. In extreme cases to keep people warm. The hotplates can be flexibly placed anywhere in the kitchen and this makes them amazing.  Let us delve into take a deeper dive and look and more hotplates.

What are hotplates

Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner

The cheapest model on our list is the single burner hotplate manufactured by elite cuisine. The hotplate can generate around 1000 W power in a matter of seconds. It is definitely a must-buy product for students who are not willing to go for a very costly hotplate or for people who do not have access to a fully designated kitchen. It does have a heat modulating knob giving you the control of the intensity of heat you would want for a particular dish. Though it does not cool down instantly as you switch it off, your fingers could be in danger, and it can be a burn-giver, the indicator light is the safety measure, it indicates that the plate is warm. To give you an idea of the size, it takes up less space than a laptop in your bag.

Best Double: BLACK+DECKER 2-Burner 12 in. Black Hot Plate with Temperature Controls

An essential feature of the double coiled stovetop is the temperature control settings. A dial present on the side of the stove gives efficient control over the exact temperature on the dual coil. The left coil is basically the power coil to cook up the food faster while the second coil has 500 W/1000 W burn capacity.

An additional keep warm feature allowing the heating plate to hold a moderate temperature that keeps your food warm for a longer time. The burner has tiny LED lights on either side that lets you know if the stove is still on. It is one of the best items in the lightweight category and makes it easy to carry around. We recommend you this 2 Burner Electric Stovetop for the best experience of outdoor cooking. The double burner looks remarkable anywhere in the kitchen.

Best Double BLACK+DECKER 2-Burner 12 in. Black Hot Plate with Temperature Controls


The advantage that the cast iron has over the bare coil is that it is comparatively easy to clean an cast iron.  Any residual matter spilled in the spiral coil makes it very difficult to reach into owing to the complex shape of the molded iron. Utensils can be properly placed on a flat top rather than a bulging spiral, this doesn’t mean that coils cannot properly accommodate utensils, it is just that when it comes to the flat top you won’t have to check twice before letting go of the grip of the handle.

The cast-iron plates vary in their power range, for example consider one generating around 130 W and the slightly smaller one capable of going to 500 W. Two different knobs, evidently one on each side of the stove are assigned to each of the plates. Each knob consists of 6 different settings. This helps regulate the potency of the heat being induced into the heating plates. Hence, Cuisinart is an artist when it comes to manufacturing double burner cooktops

So have you made your choice?

The smooth electric stovetops, the hotplates, and the coiled cooktops have their pros and cons. Therefore, Their designs and usability cannot be compared in the first place, because they serve different purposes.. The reason why someone wants to buy a smooth electric stove with double burners can be completely different from why someone would buy a coiled cooktop.

Electric stovetops are manufactured for residential use. However, coiled stovetops and hotplates are used by people going on a vacation, or for students living in college dorms. They are also for people who do not wish to spend a lot of money on smooth tops. Within this article, we have elaborated on the uses of each product be it the smoothtop, the hotplate, and the coiled double burner. The experiences of users vary owing to their cooking style.

So have you made your choice

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cooking With induction Stoves something you should consider?

Absolutely, it is one of the safest forms of cooking available to the modern age. Induction cooking presents an interesting evolution to the Cooking challenges. We have reduced any safety issues cause on a daily basis to millions of people due to the presence of fire and flame. Given that inductions cooking has none of these issues, it is a safe and relatively clean method of cooking. Not to mention that overall they are cheaper to maintain and use.

Can you touch the surface of an induction cooktop soon after you have shut it down?

Induction cooktops use magnetic induction to heat up the specific cookware that you buy. If you touch the surface of the cooktop, there is less chance that you will get burned by the surface. With that said. it is a whole other state with the cookware itself. The Cookware can get hot, so please take care not to hurt yourself.

What can I do with 6 Burners on my electric cooktop?

Well, this question is relatively simple and easy to answer isn’t it. Unless you are hosting parties every weekend, you will never actually require a 6 burner electric cooktop as they are usually used for commercial purposes. It is enough to keep any nuclear family beautifully cooked meals. On the off chance that you are hosting parties and cook your own food, the above 6 burner electric stoves are beautiful.

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