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Being an American, it is my “duty” to know what Kentucky is famous for; the KFC, one of the biggest fried chicken outlets in the world. Did you know it is the first place where one of the biggest American appliance companies was started? GE gained a lot of ground after the commencement of its first manufacturing plant in Louisville. Now they are owned by one of the biggest electric appliance corporations; Haier.  That said, what do you do if you are looking for some replacement GE Electric Stove Parts? Why you look right here of course.

The company was bought by Haier back in 2016. GE came close to a deal before 2016, but the deal broke after facing a bunch of lawsuits. We can make a long list by naming the products produced by them.

GE Electric Stove

GE Ranges and GE Electric Stove Parts

Ever since their evolution, they have managed to stand at the topmost position in the USA when it comes to electric household appliances. GE now owns the leading brands of the electric range, like Hotpoint and Café.

In this article, we will list a few GE Electric stove parts and links to where you can buy them from, further going on with their consumer support department.

GE Electric Stove Parts

Within the wide spectrum of their manufacturing lines, the production of GE electric stove parts is known to possess exceptional quality. Replaceable parts like oven igniter, stovetop burners, heating elements, bake elements, the terminal; block kits, and light bulbs for the oven.


With a multiplicity of appliances that it can be used in, this 40-watt incandescent bulb will give you a proper view of the inside of the oven and eradicate the element of surprise for you. The bulbs need to be rolled out and unhooked in case the fuse stops working. The bulb can be used in various appliances like a wall oven, a refrigerator, a ranger, a freezer, or even a microwave. The bulb is required to be changed every 2 months. It can be done by an amateur, it ain’t that hard.


Bake Element

This 240 W bake element of the GE electric stove parts also goes with Hotpoint. It is one of the most crucial parts of a range, and it needs to be replaced if you suspect uneven heat or the dish not getting enough searing from the oven than intended. Inefficiency can usually lead to the gradual death of the appliance’s features. The bake element is typically present at the bottom of the oven cavity. This part by GE is genuine and can be used in electric stoves for good and productive results. To hook it on, unscrew the older one in your range. Make sure all the power connections to the range are shut.

Bake Element

Temperature Sensor

A segment of the GE electric stove parts; a temperature sensor captures the entire temperature fluctuation in the oven and manages them. This can be the reason for a wildfire in the kitchen. The entire kitchen is put at risk if there is no properly functioning temperature sensor in the oven. Things to look out for, if you believe that your range oven is getting a lot of heat which is unintended by you, you might need to turn it off immediately and hire an electrician to look after the trouble.

Drip Bowls

Drip bowls, a composition of the GE electric stove parts range, are used to catch the chunks of cooked food into it. They are present at the bottom of the electric stovetops, and they are made from porcelain or chrome. The overlaying makes it look lustrous and easy to clean. The harsh truth about dip bowls is that after a certain amount of time, it starts to either rust or wear off after cleaning frequent stains off it.

To change the drip pans, you ought to be more careful because they are present directly beneath the heating surface area (the burners). This should obviously be done while the stove is off. After that, carefully take the element out and then go for the existing drip pans, unhinge the pans to easily separate them. Place the new one in its place and restart the stovetop again.

Drip Bowls

Broiler Pan

Another important element of the GE electric stove parts is the broiler pan, which is the drip bowl for the oven. The spills from broiling and baking in the oven are accumulated and collected in the broiler pans. Though cleaning doesn’t take much time, it can be ravaged by rust and also wear off as a result of scrubbing tough stains. To replace this part electric stove part with a genuine part from GE, you have to glide out the old pan by pulling on the lower section and taking out the pan. After this, you have to lace the new one. Before closing it, try to make sure that it makes a perfect fit for the designated space.

Oven Igniter

The oven igniter of the GE electric stove parts is a delicate part of any range or oven. The function of an igniter is that it glows after taking the electric current of the valve of the range that opens the valve to heat. To check if your electric range oven igniter is at fault, all you are supposed to do is stare at the glowing igniter(if it does).

When there’s a mismatch between the amount of heat and the glow of the igniter, you might need to get it checked. There are two kinds of igniters; round and flat type. Each of them, unique and irreplaceable by the other kind. While replacing it by yourself, make sure you know what you are doing and handle them carefully, as they are very delicate.

Oven Igniter

6-inch Element

Burners are what make an electric range functional. We must use burners that give us better results. Change the burners on your range’s surface top when your dishes don’t get an adequate amount of heat while cooking. This could be a sign of a coil gone bad. This burner of the GE electric stove parts also fits most of the Hotpoint ranges.

Fun fact

GE became the first appliance company to introduce a range with Wi-Fi connectivity, they also went on to have the first range that could be commanded by voice.

Consumer Support of GE

The consumer support for GE is easily reachable, you do not have to wait for hours on hold to speak to any of the representatives from the GE support team. They have a dedicated chat box, which can be used to ask questions and raise complaints. GE takes the complaints of their consumers very seriously and gives their prime attention to them. They have opened up doors and welcome their customers to reach out to them through various modes.

Just as they say on their customer support webpage, you can “mail us the old-fashioned way” You can mail them to their address. The responsiveness is rather quick. If you don’t wish to engage in voice calls or chats, you can always drop a question on their forum and let them get back to you.

History of GE

The city of Louisville witnessed the birth of a small-scale electric appliance manufacturing enterprise called GE Appliances. An organization that started the construction of fully-fledged cooking appliances. This was not how it all began, the initial steps date back to the late 1800s when GE was able to achieve a milestone by inventing and patenting the first electric fan.

In the first quarter of the 1900s, GE was set to become a big conglomerate after they started assembling all sorts of electric appliances on a large scale. The year 1918 marked the amalgamation of two of the most iconic and innovative ideas; the iron and electric range with GE. It meant that GE could use their ideas and GE Electric Stove Parts and start producing electric ranges under their name.

The developers of the iron box (Earl Richardson and the electric cooker(George A. Hughes) combined and multiplied their production capacity by striking a deal with GE that involved them being bought out by huge dealers, it was something they were willing to do happily. Later, GE started developing electric ranges and their parts.

The engineers at Ge were good players at this game and they have a huge hand in creating these GE Electric Stove Parts. They were brilliant in emphasizing and improving the technological innovation of others if they failed to come up with an innovative idea themselves. The genius of GE didn’t go unnoticed, as they won several awards on their way up. They also broke many records and raised the bar of greatness. In 1978, GE was ranked 1st in the biggest household appliance hub. The gross revenue of GE was over the roof with a dashing 3 billion dollars.

History of GE

Appliance Park

Right after the great war or World War II, GE was confident that the demand for appliances would grow substantially. They knew that it would be difficult to cope up with the swift in demand, so they decided to bring together their otherwise scattered manufacturing plants to one place. Later, it came to be known as the appliance world. It was spread across the open grounds of Louisville, covering a vast area of 900 acres. The beautiful landscape provided every opportunity to them and resources abounded too. GE went on to spend almost 1 billion dollars on the project in the next decade.

What Else Does GE Do?

When you leave out the GE electric Stove Parts and other electrical appliances, you will not be surprised to find that there is a whole lot more than GE has to offer. The multi-dimensional business structure of GE is well known. They are involved in financial services. They have also dedicated themselves to healthcare, aviation, and renewable energy. All this has played a part in the immense accumulation of the vast net worth of 88 billion dollars.

Fun Fact

GE became the first company to make an oven equipped with self-cleaning capabilities. It was such a hit among people that sales for them blasted.


In a failed attempt to sell GE at its prime, a deal was made with Electrolux in 2014. The clause of the deal included the hefty payment of 3 billion dollars in cash to the stakeholders and the managing directors, but unfortunately, this deal was called void after numerous lawsuits were filed against them by the United States Department of Justice.

Later, in June 2016, GE was finally sold to the china based conglomerate Haier and KKR.  The acquisition was completed after a sum of 5.6 billion dollars was paid. Haier owns the majority of the stake in the company. They have the right to use the name GE and associate it with their manufactured products until 2056. GE has rephrased one of their older tag lines with “good things, for life.”


GE is undoubtedly one of the best companies in the US, and it owns all the other giants of the industry like Cafe, Hotpoint, Gladiator, and a few more. They have captured a large chunk of the market share for. I think being in the industry for more than 100 years is paying off for them. The GE electric stove parts are manufactured after keeping in mind the problems that their consumers could face if they don’t find genuine replacement parts for their GE ranges.

The advantage that these parts have is that most of them can be used in GE, Hotpoint,  and Kenmore. The appliance industry has witnessed some big dogs rise to fame, but none of them did it as stylishly as GE. The quality of GE electric stove parts has been constantly appreciable. From the appliance park to any store near you, it is all consistent and genuine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a GE electric range part to wear off?

The burners on the stovetop tend to wear out in at least 3 months. It completely depends on the usage of the range cooktops. The rest of them need to be substituted only when you see an inoperative or malfunctioning aspect to it.

How can we contact the consumer support of GE?

1-800-430-1757, this is a phone number that is displayed on their website to contact them. They follow a schedule according to which the customer service operates.
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-8 p.m. ET
Saturday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. ET
Sunday: Closed.

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