Can you use Cast Iron on Electric Stoves?

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Our generation has been blessed with utensils that are light as a feather, people of the earlier generation used heavy utensils to cook meals. Even now, people have not let go of the ancient cooking techniques involving heavy metal utensils. And why would they?

The apparatuses used in cooking have various advantages, the only reason the transition from heavyweight to lightweight [stoves] happened is because of other correlating factors; the technological advancements in the cooking industry led us from cooking on fire to cooking on electric stoves. These advancements uplifted the use of culinary items from being heavy to being lightweight. Now the question that lurks is that can you use cast iron on electric stoves? or vice versa. We are going to scrutinize this question and find out the possible answers.

Cast Iron on Electric Stoves

The precious ceramic stove

When an individual buys a new electric stove he tends to be very protective towards the maintenance of its fresh look. He would do whatever it takes to make sure that the ceramic glass top always radiates the recentness of the newly bought stove. Now, If we look at some of the possible reasons that could be the cause of even the slightest scratch or a mark on the stove we will surely avoid anything that even leads close to it. One of the reasons that can lead to this ordeal is the use of a cast-iron skillet on a glass stove.

Cast iron on electric stoves

These cast iron skillets should never be placed on glass stoves, the Cast iron Skillet on a glasstop stove will only spell disaster for your glasstop. They are the hulks of the cooking world. Now they do have their benefits like dynamic cooking styles including sautéing, boiling, slow cooking, etc.

They are made to be able to cook your meals like it is a feast. These beasts are laden with iron and make the pans so heavy.  The nature of cooking in these utensils is versatile. With great usability comes several downsides too. One of them being, they cannot be used on material like a stovetop. Not that they are proved to be a bad companion to the beautiful ceramic, rather they can damage and ruin the glass top.

If you are a cooking geek and want to try and prepare a meal with the old-style cast iron on an electric stovetop, you are going to have to pay extra attention to the way you place the pan on the stove glass, you will have to restrict any movements of the pan to prevent the glass from damaging. The thickness and the heaviness of the pan on stove can lead to the shattering of your precious ceramic-covered cooktop.

This could be the result of the cast iron pans being heated easily and sustaining high temperatures in comparison to all the other utensils(made of aluminum). Thus, the heat of the pan is not lost easily, which makes the pan almost untouchable with bare hands.

Cast Iron on Electric Stoves

How hot can these cast iron utensils get if you place cat iron on electric stoves?

Once the cast iron pan gains enough heat, the only way is up, meaning that unless you turn off the source of the heat it wouldn’t come down, instead, it sustains the heat for a long time. The obvious reason is that the handles on these iron-loaded pans are also made of iron, devoid of any insulation material for the grip.

Authentic food like lasagna is mainly served and even cooked in cast iron skillets. So you might think that you might need to put the cast iron skillet on glass stove but this would not be a good idea.

The advantage of cooking in a cast iron on electric stove is that even after you take it off the stove it won’t cool down any time soon. So you wont have to experience food tasting bad. When it comes to a typical aluminum-based utensil, they are able to lose the heat. They can refrain from exposing the glass top to extreme temperatures, whereas, the cast iron pans are not designed to have that ability.

There is no element that would save your glass top from shattering if you do not regulate the heat on time.  Any unnatural movements of the pan while it is on the stovetop can lead to marks and scratches on its top, degrading the looks of your newly bought electric stove. Hence, you can use a cast iron on electric stoves but be careful.

Cast iron coated in porcelain enamel

For ages, cast iron is being used in cooking.  Are you still wondering why they called it the “iron age”? The cast iron is famously mixed and coated with different metals and mixtures like porcelain enamel. Porcelain falls under the category of ceramic glass, but do not mistake it with the fragility of glass. The body is built strong to endure high temperatures. The enamel coating comes in various colors making the cast-iron skillet very appealing.

Cast iron coated in porcelain enamel

Cleaning a cast iron pan and using Cast iron on Electric Stoves

You are supposed to clean the pan very neatly owing to the fact they might attract a mass of oily residue. The iron cast pans are nonstick pans until you season them adequately. The seasoning can include the use of any material like cooking oil. The use of soap is ideal while cleaning them. Debunking the myths about how applying soap only worsens the surface of the cast iron pans, It does not do any harm to the quality of the cast iron plate.

While scrubbing it clean, you have to maintain a delicate intensity and try not to go too hard on the surface like a small child scribbling on his notebook relentlessly. This will only result in wearing off the layers of your cast iron pan. Another important element to keep in mind is that you need to dry the pan as soon as you wash it, the presence of moisture on the surface of the pan can be an invitation to rust. Just like you know “rust is like cancer for materials made out of iron.”

Issues with using cast iron pans 

Cast iron pans are for the people who have plenty of patience to deal with the slow heating up of the pan especially on the glass tops. The time that an electric burner takes to heat up and transfer it to the pan is significantly higher than what a gas oven would. Amateur cooks who try and fail in keeping their patience and turn the knobs to the highest, expecting to cut down on the waiting time of the vessel heating up.

This haste can lead to overheating of the vessel and their inexperience to handle the level of heat will eventually lead to the burning of what could have been a perfectly cooked meal. To prevent this one should be aware of the amount of time that needs to be given to the pan to heat up. Regular intervals from the element are a necessity for the pan. There are some precautions that a person needs to take before starting to use a cast iron vessel.

In addition to these issues, the cast iron vessels can also be the cause of uneven cooking of food, given the fact that they are not very good conductors of heat, they lead to the development of certain hot spots leading the food to be overcooked at certain places whereas, the uneven heat deposition can also leave some spots cold leading to uncooked and bland food.

Using a proper cast iron pan can increase the probability of your foods tasting a bit like iron. This is because the iron on the surface of the pan percolates to the food. The strategy to avoid this percolation is that you might need to have more than one pans in your kitchen arsenal.

Issues with using cast iron pans 

What are the issues faced by the users of electric stoves?

Just imagine while using a cast iron pan on your electric stove, you know all the odds, yet you decide to roll the dice, and even after being cautious than you’ve ever been in your life, you somehow manage to put scratches on top of your newly bought electric stove. You panic and try to remove them at first but eventually, you have to take it for repairs, the amount that appears on the receipt is hefty, and you rue the day you thought of using this iron plate on your cooktop.   Electric stoves cost a fortune when it comes to repairs. Better safe than sorry, this should be your motto while innovative ideas like this come to your mind.

Cast Iron on Electric Stove – Customer support

Electric stoves work on the mechanics of flowing electricity, they may fail unexpectedly leaving you stranded with a dish full of uncooked food and a bunch of hungry guests. You need to be prepared for every eventuality, (with an additional stove which is pretty much impossible). You could go for a hotplate to prepare the food, but, you have bought a brand new electric range, and it has to work right?

The decision process to choose the right stove, the nightmare of installation, and all you are left with is a big shiny and reflective metal box. So if you ever choose to put a Cast Iron on electric stoves, chances are you will need to call Customer support. Of course, we recommend that you don’t put Cast Iron on Electric Stoves.

We always have a sense of trust and reliability in the quality of the products laid out by companies like Frigidaire, LG, Samsung, etc. These companies are obliged to maintain that trust by maintaining a good customer relationship with consumers. This obligation does not end right after selling the products, rather it is continuous.

In situations where you have no idea what has befallen your range, you should be able to reach out to the customer support of the company you bought the product from. These companies extend their support to their customers in case of a malfunction of the device.

Reputed organizations like LG, Frigidaire, Samsung, have lived up to the reputation by standardizing a good customer support service.


LG allows users to log in to their website by setting up an account and raise a ticket. This lets you specify the product you have a problem with, or you think is malfunctioning.

Along with this, LG also offers 24 hours chatbot and WhatsApp support too. LG has found a way of reaching out to its consumers effectively and efficiently.



One of America’s oldest and trusted brands is not left behind in terms of customer support. The dedicated webpage of the company’s website categorizes the issue faced by their customers. It is pretty cohesive and easily navigable


Samsung is another goliath of the electric appliance world, the customer support services provided by Samsung are incredible. The response time is minimal and registering for a service is pretty easy. With extreme dedication the customer support team is remarkable.

What are heat diffusers?

We know that the most probable danger that lurks while cooking with a cast iron vessel on electric stoves is that the extreme heat would shatter the glass top of the hob. There is a way that this whole ordeal can be prevented. A heat diffuser is a device that dissipates the heat emitting from the elements of the stovetop.

This makes using cast iron vessels smooth, fending off unnecessary heat to keep your iron cast pan at adequate temperatures. With the role of a temperature moderator, sizable heat diffusers also help in mitigating the risk of burns; the large burners prevent handles from becoming extremely hot.

Let’s look at some of the best heat diffusers:

1. Cooks Innovations SimmerMat Heat Diffuser

an efficient and one of most sought-after products manufactured by the company. The simmer mat is compatible with most of the cookware. The stainless steel plate does not let the vessel overheat and maintains an adequate temperature. It can be cleaned with minimal effort.

1. Cooks Innovations SimmerMat Heat Diffuser

2. HIC Harold Import Co. Heat Diffuser Reducer Flame Guard Simmer Plate

This stainless steel product is one of the least expensive and better n quality products in the market. The usability of this product focuses on cooking items like cheese. The body of the product is harmless( does not give scratch marks to the glass top). Attached to a handle with insulation, which prevents heating up.


The cast iron is dynamic cookware and it works on the gas tops as well as the electric stoves. The multiplicity in the uses of cast iron in cooking is wide. They are used in slow cooking, sauteing, boiling, etc.. These heavyweight skillets pose a threat to the glass top if you overlook the factors mentioned above article. Cast iron skillets require undivided attention when being used over a glass cooktop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use cast iron on electric stoves?

Yes, you can but we have to be very careful of the weight of the pan on the stove.

Will cleaning the stove cast iron skillet with soap deter the quality of it?

If you are frequently using your cast iron on electric stoves, you will need to clean it. Contrary to the popular belief, if you use soaps in small amounts, it won’t do any damage to the cast iron.

How to one season a cast iron skillet?

To season you cast iron skillet, it is best to use your oven. firstly, wash your cast iron skillet and dry it. Spray it with oil and bake in the oven for an hour at 350 to 450 degrees.

What are the things to avoid cooking on cast iron ?

Mainly foods that have rich citric values like lemon and vinegar.

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